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5 Ways To Grind Like A Boss Even When You Are Not

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You may not be a boss yet but if you start acting like one, you can just snag a chance at a beaming promotion!

I am not encouraging you to point fingers and demand orders to everyone at the office. Instead, I suggest that you act like the boss that you wish to work for. Not only are you serving as an inspiring role model for your own boss but you are also giving your colleagues a glimpse of what it about to happen when you climb up the ladder.

On that note, here are some tips to act like a good boss:


Always channel your inner boss by asking yourself if there are current issues that the management needs to address.

I remember a friend of mine who started as a receptionist at a fitness studio. She used to do the attendance by typing the names of each participant in the room. Imagine doing this for a class of more than 30 people. You can easily lose count! Then she discovered a faster way doing things by assigning each participant with a bar code, which they can scan before they enter the room. The management was really pleased. A year after that, she became the manager of the studio for more than 4 years.


Good bosses have initiative and enthusiasm. Showing that you are dedicated to do every task and are taking control of your responsibilities would make people feel that you are an asset to the company.

Even without the guidance of the management, there are some simple things that you can solve by yourself. Do not waste time and get things in motion.


Business owners and supervisors have lots of things on their plates. Because of our competitive environment, several things pull them on different directions every single day. This is why they must handle the significant priorities first before moving on to the non-essential tasks. Do the same thing!

Start by keeping a list of all your daily tasks. Move the items up if they are really important. When a new project comes along, ask yourself about its importance and organize accordingly.


It is essential for a boss to understand the fundamentals of managing money including budgeting. A budget is your understanding of the materials needed as well as its costs – be it in the currency of money, time, and people.

Practice the basics of money management by budgeting your personal household expenses. Also, make sure that this is aligned to your financial goals.


Performance appraisals help the management decide whether or not they shall give you a pay raise or a career advancement. Go inside the mind of your boss by reflecting upon your previous feedback or review. Know which areas you need to improve on and which areas are your strengths.

Do a self-assessment every few months to remind yourself about the changes that you shall make.

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