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Basic tips for writing the best sales emails that are enticing enough to click

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There are several methods for marketing a product or service, and emails are one option.

But stick around for long enough, and you will realise that the statistics aren’t that pretty all the time. Some marketers make the mistake of focusing on what the company wants to convey rather than what customers are interested in reading. As such, there’s a low clicking-through and reading rate.

If that is you, it is not too late. Read on for some basic tips on writing the best sales emails that are enticing enough to click.

#1: Spend some time crafting the subject line

No, we’re not talking about clickbait email subjects as that might backfire. You don’t want to be losing email subscribers because your subject lines do not match the content shown.

But what you want to do is to spend some time crafting an email title that is catchy enough to allow a reader to click in. It doesn’t have to be flashy or gimmicky. It just has to be straightforward and corresponds with the disseminated information.

For example, if you want your customers to ask questions and let them know the company is ready to listen, a subject line that writes “Any questions?” can be good enough.

#2: Get to the point and cut the fluff

Folks nowadays are exposed to tremendous amounts of online content, and everything on the internet is fast-paced.

To capture your readers’ attention, get to the point and cut the fluff. Now that your subject line has led a reader to click through, deliver what was marketed via the title. Structure your content neatly, so it’s easy to scan and pick out the relevant information. Remember also to include links to the respective web pages to avoid your email ending up too lengthy.

#3: Treat your customers like friends

While a creatively written email can demonstrate your artistic skills as an employee, it should not be too profound and offputting for your clients.

An excellent way to avoid sales jargon or snazzy catchphrases is to treat your customers as fellow friends or colleagues. Reread your email and ask if it’s phrased the way you would speak to someone you know. If it sounds odd, you know it’s time to tweak.

Two-way communication is key
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Ultimately, you can follow the above tips but still fail to achieve the conversion rate your company seeks. Then, maybe a final step would be to ensure that there is two-way communication in place.

While your primary goal may be to release new products or service information, make sure that your customers have an outlet where they can provide feedback or ask questions. At the end of every sales email sent, include an easy way for recipients to call, text, or write back.

Boring sales pitches can only go so far. If you want to get the word out, offer value.

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