How Frugal People Can Save On Home Improvements

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Many people dream of reinventing their nests to blissfully usher the New Year. Whether you intend to make DIY projects or something massive, you will need more money and consideration.

On that note, here are four tips to help you save as much of your hard earned cash as you possibly can:


Owing to its unique geographical location near the equator, Singapore experiences a tropical climate characterized with high humidity and abundant rainfall. It is not advisable to decorate your walls with wallpaper as the distinct climate can make it discolored or curled up.

Bestowing your walls with wallpaper is not only expensive, but it can also face the risk of discontinuation of products. You will have to endure the sight of inconsistent patterns or the hefty cost of redoing your entire flat. Prevent this from happening by opting for painting instead.


Planning ahead can be a lifesaver! Just imagine a driver who ignored the steps of adjusting the side mirrors, locking the doors, and fastening the seat belt. Accidents occur everyday and you must not take the risk. It may seem rehearsed or limiting at first glance. But, you will reap its benefits soon after.

Know what renovations you desire to make. Getting a LED mirror might be more cost effective than buying a separate light to pair with your mirror. Prevent going beyond what you can realistically afford by researching the costs of the materials and labor. Shop around the physical and virtual stores if you have to! Lastly, add a cushion of at least 20% to your intended spending. Say you want to repaint your walls for S$2,000. Be prepared to spend about S$2,400 as additional costs may rise.


Frequent your local home improvement, hardware, and home decor stores as much as possible. Expect that your first couple of trips can be overwhelming. You may not find significant bargains right away! Do not give up just yet.

Take your time to review the prices of the materials or products that you intend to buy and compare these with the online retailers. For instance, Horme Hardware has an ongoing “Chinese New Year Promotion” until January 18, 2017. Shoppers will be rewarded with free delivery.


Before committing to a team of contractors, negotiate well to earn the best deal. Avoid partnering with contractors who offer insanely low prices for their services. You may end up hiring a different contractor to fix the flaws of your previous contractor. Follow your common sense! It may know when things are getting “too shady”.

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Collect at least three quotations from reputable contractors in Singapore. Then, discuss about the probable discounts that can compete with the raging market.

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