Fantastic Fitness Tips For Busy Singaporeans

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Most Singaporeans desire to improve their health, but many find it difficult to squeeze an adequate amount of time for a fitness regimen. Not for long! Money Digest has you covered.


You will be surprised to know how much you can accomplish by merely spending 5 minutes to exercise at your desk. You may do a few lunges while you are waiting for the meeting to start or a few arm stretches while you are on the phone. There are a variety of quick workouts online. This is a good example of total body toning:


When you are travelling for business, choose a hotel that has its own gym. This ensures that you can practice your exercise routines outside from home. Alternatively, you may avail the “guest or tourist” pass at a local gym.


A surefire way to cut back some weight is to switch your junk food with healthy snacks. It takes less than 5 minutes to whip a pack of container filled with sliced fruits and assorted nuts. Keeping these healthy bites at a convenient reach will prevent you from indulging on the candy bars from the office’s vending machine. Also, these snacks will increase your energy to survive the day.


Whenever I am running late or feeling ill, one of my go-to healthy fixes is the oatmeal. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber which helps lower your cholesterol and your risk of heart disease. Embrace the power of oats by topping it off with grated apples, almonds, or honey.

Try the Quaker Quickcook Oatmeal Hearty Supreme as it retails for only S$2.95.


After a day of hustling through a mountain of tasks, your stress levels may be off the charts! This is something that you must wary of as prolonged stress may impact your overall well being. Thus, you must learn how to relax.

Spending 10 minutes or less in breathing exercises will help. Know about the 6 breathing exercises: Equal Breathing, Progressive Relaxation, Guided Visualization, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Skull Shining Breath, and Abdominal Breathing Technique by clicking this.

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Go! Take the stairs for someone who is busier than you is exercising at this moment.

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