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Efficient Ways To Deal With Your Money Insecurities

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We all experience money insecurities at some point in our lives. The question is, how do you handle them?


Contemplate on the things that you are lacking. Where do these negative thoughts come from? Do these come from your painful financial situations in the past? Think about it!

Once you locate the source of your insecurity, it will be easier do think of ways to efficiently deal with it. Facing your fear entails the end of avoidance. For instance, Danny is worried that he is making less than his wife. This thought comes from his highly dominating mother. It is up Danny to think about proactive way to handle this situation.

Thoughts lead to feelings, which directs behavior. Recognizing where the insecurity started will make it seem more manageable.


Some money insecurities originate from the wrongful beliefs and myths that the person strongly holds. See the other side of the situation to re-frame your negative perspectives. If you are unemployed and you feel extremely useless, view the circumstance as a new chapter in your life. In this chapter…you are FREE! You have countless days to figure out what you really want to do in life. Invest on things that will lead you to your financial goals.

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They say that money is the root of all evil. However, I believe that envy is too.

It is not difficult to become insecure when you constantly compare your wealth, job, and lifestyle to others who are seemingly perfect. Aspiring someone’s success may serve as a great motivation. However, unrealistically desiring what others have can contribute to your insecurity and depression. It is very unhealthy to measure your own worth to the things that you do not possess.

Rather than mimicking the lifestyle of your “flawless” neighbor, focus on your own capabilities and strengths instead.


You read it once and you will read it again! You must focus on your capabilities and strengths. Most people put more weight on failures (e.g., investment loses) than on successful experiences (e.g., salary increase). A lot of insecurities can come from narrowing your mindset on the things that you have trouble with.

As much as everybody carries their weak points, they do have some strong points as well! Learn to balance these two elements together and build a successful life. Say your budgeting skills are above average, consider flourishing this area further by seeking the help of professionals.

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In conclusion, we all experience money insecurities at some points in our lives. The key to conquering these insecurities is to determine, invalidate, and move past them. Concentrate on your strengths and accomplishments to realize that your insecurities are merely irrational fears.

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