Dry promotion offered? Should you take it or not?

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Do you know what a dry promotion is?

Simply put, it’s a promotion, minus the salary increase or benefits.

So you now find yourself choosing between two sides of a coin with people telling you:

“At least got promotion, take it!”

“What? Waste time only, better find better opportunity elsewhere.”

So how?

The pros of accepting a dry promotion

First, think about your resume.

If you accept a dry promotion, you can put it on your CV and show future employers that you received more responsibilities due to the skillsets you have.

Secondly, it can show that you have commitment and a sense of work ethic. You are willing to do more work and go beyond what your job scope is (for the time being) without being too money-minded.

This can impress your current boss and maybe in the future, he will give you a “real” promotion with better pay when the company does better financially.

Thirdly, you’re betting on yourself. You believe that the new responsibilities and skills can enhance your future earnings potential. It’s like an investment in your future.

The cons of accepting a dry promotion
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We know it can be very disappointing if the offer doesn’t match your career goals, in terms of salary or role expectations.

Like, they give you more power and title, but your pay’s still the same. More responsibilities but no extra money? Hmm.

It can also send a wrong signal to your penny-pinching boss if you only give a quiet nod, which can easily make you a pushover in the office later. This may set the stage for future monetary promotions, and you may be left out of the picture entirely.

Making the decision: Should you take the dry promotion?

If you think you won’t be able to handle the stress that comes with a dry promotion, it’s better to look for other opportunities. Don’t simply accept this dry promotion and then lose sleep over it. 

You worked hard, you deserve better. Find somewhere that appreciates you and gives you the proper recognition and pay.

But if you’re not in a hurry to build wealth and want to gain some new skills, then maybe give it a little thought. But if you think it’s not worth it and you can find better opportunities elsewhere, then don’t hesitate to say “no thanks”.

At the end of the day, only you know what’s best for your career ahead. If you’re a newbie starting out in the industry and don’t have a family to feed, then it’s not too bad to accept a dry promotion. Just don’t forget to ask when a pay raise will follow, so it will give you a rough timeline on when to bring up the promotion conversation again. If you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum, then I guess you don’t need any advice. Don’t settle for less if you think you’re worth more, yeah?

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