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How To Save Huge Money On Kid’s Clothing

Long before you give birth to your child, the desire to buy adorable child’s clothes kicks in. But, quickly growing children, changing of fashion trends, and huge deals may put a hole on your pocket. Giving your child fashionable clothes does not have to be expensive. Here are 5 Ways to Save Huge Bucks On Your Kid’s Clothing… 1. OUT WITH THE NEW Since your toddler grows increasingly in the first few years then buying new clothes every year will


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The Greatest Investment Of Your Lifetime

When considering the topic of ‘Investment’, we almost always think about Equities, Bonds or Forex first. We hear questions like “What stock is good?” or “How should I begin investing?” The growing interest in investment here in Singapore is definitely growing and we can begin to see a new generation of investors who are more daring and knowledgeable than their parents. We all have heard of stories about how other people’s parents or even our parents had their hands burnt


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6 Easy Ways to Earn A Side Income Online

In Singapore, where costs are ever running high, you may find that your current wage is direly insufficient to help you save up for that big-ticket new car or house that you have been hankering after. As such, it is unsurprising that many Singaporeans are seeking to take up side gigs outside of their day job, where they are able to earn a quick buck or two in their leisure time. That being said, perhaps you cannot expect to earn thousands


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Best Credit Card For Petrol

Best Petrol Credit Card

When your car ran out of petrol, have you had problems deciding which petrol kiosks to go to enjoy the most savings? With four petroleum companies in Singapore – Exxon-Mobil, Caltex, Shell and Singapore Petroleum Company, you may at times scratch your head and wonder which petrol companies offer the cheapest petrol. Owning and driving a car in Singapore is expensive, and it pays to find out how to save on your fuel expenses. Using the right credit card to


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In UK, Oil is Cheaper than Packed Water

Can there be an economy where oil is cheaper than water? If yes, how will it affect its countrymen? According to United Kingdom’s The Independent, a British national newspaper publication, Oil by barrel is now cheaper than the 6 packed bottles (1.5 liter each) of Evian Natural Mineral Water. A liter of bottled water costs about 42 Pence (S$87 or US$0.66), while it costs about 24 Pence (S$0.49 or US$0.38) a liter for gas…that is 40 percent cheaper! The price