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Apps That Can Help You Sleep Better

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Are you aware that the pandemic has caused many people’s sleeping patterns to shift? According to the World Economic Forum, COVIDsomnia has shaken not just our lives but the way we sleep as well. Other than increased stress-sleeping, people have begun to have more vivid dreams.

If you’ve been suffering from a bout of COVID-related insomnia, we’ve listed a number of apps that can help you wind down during the night.These apps soothe you into a more relaxed state so you can sleep better.



Available for free for both IOS and Android, Calm is user-friendly and has plenty of options for night-time listening. They have many options, such as calm music, nature sounds, and even audiobooks to help you meditate or ease into sleep.

If you want access to more features, such as more audiobooks voiced by your favorite celebs, you can subscribe to it for an affordable price.



Headspace is a prime app for meditative music and sleepcasts. They have plenty of adult bedtime stories and audio that can help you settle down. They even have sounds that can help you visualize a calming atmosphere and other sleep-inducing content.

The content is limited, but you can access the whole library through paid access. With around 40 themed meditation courses and other options for sleep, sleepcasts, and stories, you have a wide range of choices for relaxation sounds.



If you want to track your sleep cycles, something we suggest you should do, then Sleep Cycle is one of the best apps to download.

They don’t just do sleep tracking but give tips to fully optimize your sleeping time. The app also has a built-in alarm clock that gently nudges you out of sleep. 

Keep in mind, like all sleep trackers, this is not 100% accurate, but it won’t hurt to try. The best part about this app is that it is absolutely free! You don’t have to pay to access all its features.



Sleepa is an Android-only app that works as a sound mixer for different natural sounds. It creates a personalized atmosphere for you to fall asleep to. 

They also have non-natural sounds like the noises of a bustling city or a train ride, which you can mix with other noises as well. You can mix up to 8 sounds, which is more than most apps can offer. 

You can set it to a timer while you nap, making it a useful app for those who need a no-frills app that can be customized.



This is one of the best apps out there, with every category separated for easier access. They have a kid’s category, which contains lullabies and nature sounds as well as white noise. 

Of course, they also offer sleepcasts, adult bedtime stories, and even meditation stories. The app even has a timer with a gentle alarm that you can set.

And the best part is that you can also download your favorite audio and save them.

We all have sleeping troubles due to the stress the pandemic has brought us, and these apps are small solutions that we can provide during these difficult times.

However, if your sleep troubles can be caused by physical factors, such as night-time urination, you may need other fixes. According to the specialists at Urologist Singapore, things like that have many causes… such as excessive fluid intake at night or conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, and more. 

Whether your insomnia is caused by stress or other physical or mental issues, finding the solution you need will be easier when you get help for it. So, try to consult an expert if you really don’t know the causes of your issue.


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