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6 Surefire Ways To Ace A First Impression

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Present yourself in the right light with the help of these tips.


The fine strokes of impression starts as soon as you walk the room. In Japan, they have mastered the management of time. Most Japanese naturally acquired the habit of punctuality. Showing up early or on time displays their respect for other people. Nothing is more disrespectful than having your interviewer or potential client wait for you for 30 minutes.

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If you are running late due to unforeseen circumstances, it is best to let the people know. Call the interviewer or the client as soon as possible. He or she will appreciate this gesture more than hearing a lame excuse upon your arrival.


Who does not want to be seen as well put-together during the first meeting?

It goes without saying that the quickest elements of impression formation include the physical appearance. It does not matter whether you are interviewing for a modelling gig or not. You will be judged with thru way you look. Showing up in a neatly pressed suit or a tailored dress comes across as professional and organized.


When you are nervous or lying, your autonomic nervous system goes into an overdrive. You will unconsciously make significant movements such as scratching your nose, pulling your hair, or touching your cheeks. Some may even chew the pen’s cap during written assessments. These body movements give off a sense of judgment and lack of confidence.

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Be mindful about your actions during the interview or the product proposal!


As obvious as this may seem, shaping a stellar impression includes being present at the given moment. Physical presence does not stop at the face-to-face interactions. You must be mentally active during the conversation too! Ensure that you are coming across as someone who is interested and engaged with the other person.

Start by calling the interviewer or the client using their name during the entire conversation then, you may paraphrase their thoughts from time to time. Listen to what the other person is saying and tailor your responses accordingly.


Putting your devices and smartphone away is primarily applicable in this modern age. Do not immediately turn to your phone while waiting in the lobby. Use this time to double-check your CV or to contemplate on the proposal topics.

When the interviewer or the boss comes, you will appear prepared for the task at hand!


A person with a pleasing personality is hard to find. This is why positive people give a lasting impression. It is easy to connect to a person who portrays a friendly attitude through his or her command of words and body language.

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So, greet the interviewer or the potential client with a genuine smile. Then, ensure that the topics that you will discuss are on the neutral ground. Showing a hint of your sense of humor would not hurt too (i.e., during appropriate instances)!

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