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6 Essential Life Lessons I Got From My First Job

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A couple of weeks after I graduated, I immediately landed my first full-time job. I was overwhelmed with how fast everything went! I know that there were going to be challenges ahead from workplace drama to workplace etiquette yet deep inside me, I felt excited and ready to transition to the working life.

In the beginning, my goal was to make enough money to save up for my graduate studies and to help my parents in the household expenses. I did so.

Aside from following my long-term goals, here were the essential lessons I realized from my first job experience after graduating from university…


As I transitioned to the working scene, everyday was a constant process of development and learning. Learn as much as you can from the experienced people around you who had been working for years. They are the ones whom you can turn to if you have concerns or worries.

I was very lucky to have an open relationship with my colleagues. They taught me how to properly address complaints and how to not take everything personally. This open relationship eventually blossomed to treasured friendships.


Initiative and enthusiasm are charming qualities good employees possess. Showing your bosses that your are eager to learn, are dedicated to do every task, and are taking control of your responsibilities would make them feel that you are an asset to the company. I made it a point to exude enthusiasm, give my best, and work as quickly as possible.

Even as I left my first job, my superiors considered me as an invaluable part of the team. It made me realize that my efforts were all worth it.


When I was younger, I worked part-time to buy clothes, movie tickets, and more materialistic things. I never saw the true value of money until I had my first full-time job. It is very hard to spend the money you worked hard for! This is because you know the exact amount of time and how much sweat you pour just to earn your month’s salary.

Being independent with my finances made me realize how important it is to practice budgeting and tracking your expenses.


As much as you work hard, you must also play hard. Reward yourself with a responsible amount of 5-8% of your monthly salary. Find interests outside of work such as dancing, swimming, or cooking to cushion your daily stress.

Also, rewarding yourself with a hobby is a good way to keep you motivated. Personally, I found blogging as a passionate pastime. Shockingly, it become my career in the present.


Facing conflicts such as customer complaints are probably one of the nerve wrecking things I encountered as a newbie in the working scene. At first I prefer to hide in my senior employee’s shadow but then a friend told me that it was better to practice conflicts while young. Not only because people are able to forgive you easier, but also because you are able to build conflict resolution skills that you will benefit from in the long run.

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Be firm and polite when dealing with conflicts.


My previous boss encouraged us to propose changes and to outwardly speak our opinions in order to improve the business and the workplace relationships. Although some of your colleagues have more experience than you, keep in mind that your opinion is equally valuable.

Be brave enough to propose change if you think it serves others well.

Nothing good will ever happen unless you try! 🙂

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