5 Cheapest Delivery Services In Singapore

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Thanks to technology, running an e-commerce store or a small business has become more manageable. Online shopping applications and social media platforms help business owners to reach consumers islandwide – and even worldwide. In addition, some courier services provide pick-up options wherein they can collect the items from you. This option makes it possible to operate a business without leaving the safety of your own home.

While we do not need to solely rely on SingPost to ship our items, the issue now is the multiple options for delivery services. Which courier should you choose? Will your parcels be shipped in time and intact?

To help you decide, here are five delivery services that you can choose from. Keep the size of the parcel in mind!

  1. For small parcels: Postage-paid solutions such as PolyM, SmartPac, or Ninja Pack are incredibly convenient. Simply put your item/s in, seal the pack, and drop it off.
  2. For bulky parcels: Qxpress’ next-day delivery provides the cheapest rates for bulky or heavy items. Check out their rates below.
  3. For huge parcels: When it comes to van or lorry deliveries, you cannot skip on Lalamove or GetVan.



Enjoy the cheapest deliveries in Singapore! (only from $2.89) EZIE’s ambition is to help eCommerce sellers to grow and scale their online businesses by providing tailored eCommerce solutions.

Their eCommerce solutions portfolio is tailored to eCommerce multichannel services to help our customers selling on multiple online channels (ie: Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, etc.) and includes:

  1. Logistics (on-demand B2C shipping & fulfillment services),
  2. Multichannel Order management solution,
  3. Multichannel Customer service,
  4. Multichannel Sales / Marketing services,
  5. Financial and Insurance Services.

No min. order is required. Free door-to-door deliveries are available in EZIE!
For more information, visit their website.


SingPost is the country’s forefront in mail and logistics solutions. As a well-established courier, SingPost offers cheap rates for small parcels that weigh up to 2kg, 324 x 229 x 65mm.

Forget about queueing at the post office! You can ship your small parcel through convenient options such as the PolyM and the SmartPac. PolyM (no tracking) is a local postage-paid packaging that delivers your parcel directly to the letterbox. While, the SmartPac (with tracking) is a prepaid postage service that comes with free packaging and letterbox delivery. Delivery takes about 2 to 3 working days.

PolyM S$2
SmartPac S$3.20
SmartPac Box S$3.80

For more information, visit singpost.com.


NinjaVan’s Ninja Packs are postage-paid polymailers that come in different sizes. Best of all? It does not have a weight limit unlike other couriers. You can put all the items you want in the bag, which makes it ideal for delivering small yet heavy items such as books. After preparing your Ninja Packs, you can quickly drop it off at the Ninja Point. Track your parcel as it is being shipped. Delivery takes about 1 to 3 days.

Oh, by the way! The only downside about using this is that it comes in packs of 5 when you purchase it online. Online orders below S$50 will have to pay S$1.90 for postage. Individual packs can only be bought onsite at selected locations.

XS 230 x 170mm S$3.17 (S$3.60 – padded)
S 350 x 250mm S$3.50 (S$4.00 – padded)
M 470 x 330mm S$3.90 (S$4.48 – padded)

For more information, visit packs.ninjavan.co..



If you are planning to have your bulky or heavy parcels delivered, you can go for Qxpress. Qxpress accepts parcels for up to 30kg! Its standard Qxpress Delivery is a next-day service that offer deliveries for a variety of sizes such as 5kg, 20kg, and 30 kg. It is an affordable solution for shipping bulkier items that do not fit in a SmartPac or a Ninja Pack.

Are you in a hurry? Then, select the Qxpress Quick Delivery (same day delivery) which costs about S$5.99/km. This is only practical for short distance deliveries.

5kg S$4.30
10kg S$6.90
15kg S$9.90
20kg S$12.90
25kg S$15.90
30kg S$19.90

For more information, visit: qoo10.sg/shop/qxpress.

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GetVan specializes in huge and heavy deliveries that are completed instantly and on-demand. The only exception is the Extra Large lorry, which you have to book 2 hours in advance. The fee includes loading and unloading time, but does not include the driver’s help. You will need to load all the items yourself by default. To get the driver’s help, you must pay an additional fee of at least S$15.

When comparing the published rates, you will notice that GetVan generally charges lower base rates compared to Lalamove. However, it has higher per-km fees. It is wise to weigh your options and to consider getting GetVan for short distance (van/lorry) deliveries.

Send (car) $25++
Regular (small van) $35++
Large (large van) $40++
Extra Large (14ft lorry) $70++

For more information, visit:getvan.com.sg/goods.


Lalamove is one of the most popular delivery service provider in Asia. Although it is best known for its vans and lorries, Lalamove has a full suite of vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Use these vehicles for moving smaller items, instantly!

You do not have to wait by your doorstep the entire day because you can book their services on-demand. The driver will also help you to load the goods. So, you can definitely buy the second-hand washing machine on Carousell.

Motorcycle $10 + $0.35/km (8kg, 40 × 25 × 25 cm)
Car $12 + $1/km (20kg, 70 × 50 × 50 cm)
MPV $19 + $0.50/km (50kg, 110 × 80 × 50 cm)
1.7m Van $30 + $0.50/km (350kg, 160 × 120 × 100 cm)
2.4m Van $38 + $0.50/km (500kg, 230 × 120 × 120 cm)
10ft Lorry $42 + $0.75/km (1 ton, 290 × 140 × 170 cm)
14ft Lorry $79 + $0.75km (2 tons, 420 × 170 × 190 cm)

For more information, visit: lalamove.com.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

With the help of these reliable and cheap courier services in Singapore, online resellers are presented with the opportunity to grow their small businesses. Since buyers will be able to enjoy the lowest possible rates for quality service, this sounds like a win-win!

(Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions apply per courier. Fees may be subject to change. Please visit the courier’s website for more information.)

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