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4 Things to Consider Before Applying For An Educational Loan

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Tertiary Education and Graduate Studies can be too costly especially to people who live by one cost at a time without any savings plan what so ever. On the other hand, just because a bank tells you that you are qualified and approved for an education loan does not mean taking it is a good idea.

Here are 4 Things to Consider Before Applying For An Educational Loan:


Before applying for any education loan, it is tantamount to understand what the student’s course aspects are such as the eligibility criteria and the loans needed to complete the whole course.

Educate yourself about the loan’s dimensions such as repayment, pre-payment fees, and cancellations.


Study all the possible options by swimming through the whole pool. Some banks offer the best interest rate while others offer the best processing fee. So, to save you money, enquire about all the loan schemes available in the market.


Be aware of the interest, pre-payment fees, additional processing fees, repayment options, and cancellation fees. It is always better to get rid of the debts as soon as possible but some banks may impose additional charges for pre-closure of the loan. So, ask yourself if is worth it.

Usually loan applicants concentrate only on the principal and interest to reach repayment amount. By doing so, you will have to pay extra charges that the bank authorities have not clarified. This is why it is vital to ask after educating yourself.


Explore if there are cheaper ways to reach the same goal. Other universities offer online diploma courses that are cheaper than if you take it up on the university’s premises.

Image Credits: Will Folsom via Flickr

Image Credits: Will Folsom via Flickr

But, if you have done the math and your financial account cannot cover the expenses just yet…fret no more. Be resourceful instead. Volunteer works, internships, and a Polytechnic diploma may help you acquire the necessary skills without going back to undergraduate school.

By obtaining a diploma in the same field you will take in undergraduate school may help you get other subjects exempted. I have a couple of classmates who are exempted for a couple of semesters or even a year just because of the subjects and electives they have taken up in Polytechnic. Hence, it will not only save you time but it will also save you money.

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