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4 Easy Ways To Dress For Success

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According to several studies, dressing for the job you desire actually works. Anyone who owns a set of powerful suit can attest that the right clothing pieces can become a confident booster. Furthermore, a 2012 study published in the “Journal of Experimental Social Psychology” showed that subjects who wore lab coats scored higher on attention-related tasks than did those who did not.

On that note, here are some tips to help you dress for success:


One of the quickest ways to update your wardrobe is to freshen your color palettes. Look into your closet and focus on the neutral and seasonal colors. Neutral colors help in optimizing versatility. Simply put, you will be able to maximize your buck by investing in pieces carrying these colors. Is black not for you? Perhaps you can try other neutrals such as grey and navy.

Finally, seasonal colors convey the sense of newness. Adding one or two seasonal colors to your work outfit can go a long way!


What better way to spend your clothing allowance than by investing on key pieces? As much as possible, women shall focus on picking out their handbags and men shall focus on picking out their watches. Why is this so?

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Designer labels are often correlated to financial success. Our materialistically driven society puts emphasis on these items and judge you based on that. Admit it! Pairing a designer handbag with a less expensive apparel can instanly elevate your look! The same goes for wearing a designer watch in a board meeting.


Yes! Times have changed. However, some employers may still be wary of the candidates donning body piercings and inks. Their reaction towards these elements depends on the company’s policy, the industry you chose, and the interviewer’s age. It is best to play things safe.

Take out your visible piercings and cover up your visible tattoos. Doing so may manifest how serious you are in terms of the job you want.


Our physical appearance play an important part in the impression that we leave, especially in job interviews. Keeping your hair up and makeup light can evoke a huge difference in how people view you. In lined with these, you must choose jewelry that are uncluttered (e.g., skip on the dangling earrings).

Let us move on to the men’s style. Wall Street stylist Jacci Jaye suggests that men should avoid wearing head-to-toe neon. Instead, she advocates wearing bold colors or patterns as accents. For instance, a colorful tie or pocket square can add a sense of playfulness without distracting anybody.

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In conclusion, there is truth to the saying: “dress for the job you want and not for the job you have”.

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