3 Times Color Significantly Affected Your Spending

Image Credits: Axion23 via Flickr (CC License)

Whenever you are out to shop, you see wonderful colors from the lightest to the darkest shades. The sale signs are bright red, the shopping bags are shocking yellow, and the labels are resonating the rainbow. Did you know that these colors are strategically placed to influence the way you spend?

Colors can impact one’s spending because the sight of it automatically stimulates you and increases your memories, color-motivated behaviors, and social influences. Here are three situations when color significantly affects your finances:


Burgundy is a shade of red that is often associated with wine. Cars with this color are usually more expensive that their white counterparts as burgundy exude luxury and refinement. Furthermore, red is a difficult color to see at night when people’s visions are somewhat distorted. Be careful as this may lead to involvements in accidents.

On the other hand, a white colored car has numerous benefits.

But before discussing this, I must acknowledge the existence of the age-old debate of whether white and black are colors. According to the available online resources, white is an achromatic color composed of all the frequencies of the light of the visible spectrum. While black is a color when you are referring to the coloring agents of tangible objects. For example, if you combine the primary colors using paint, you would get a shade of black.

Going back to white as a color for your car…light colored cars have better petroleum mileage because you can stay cooler without the use of air conditioning. Painting your car white can instantly lower the interior heat. Also, it is easier to see by other drivers at night.


You enter Sephora and you see their in-house brand of lipsticks in sleek black tubes. Don’t they look expensive? Even if these lipsticks cost less than other brands they seem more upscale because of the color they come in. In packaging, black signifies sophistication.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Another color that can push people to spend more on beauty products especially the anti-aging ones is purple. Purple signifies royalty. This is why people are often convinced that there really are special properties inside the “purple box” and they are willing to pay more for it.


From the logos to the interior, two colors seem to stay at almost every fast food chains. These two colors are red and yellow. Red and yellow stimulate appetite, which probably explains why your stomach starts to make noises as soon as you see the yellow arches or the red logo. And, you cannot resist spending more inside.

Image Credits: Mike Mozart via Flickr (CC License)

Image Credits: Mike Mozart via Flickr (CC License)

Interestingly, you can combat how colors affect the way you eat by controlling your own plate. Researchers at Cornell University found that when they reduced the contrast in their plates and tables or in their plates and the food itself, people tend to serve themselves less food. For example, to eat less, pair your white plate with your white table-cloth or a blue plate with a blue table-cloth.

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