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5 Sneaky Tricks Advertisers Use To Get Your Money

Subliminal messages exist for a reason. You see, most of our decisions are made on an unconscious level. This means that our behaviors are influenced by our wishes, interests, and motivations. Say that you have been scrolling freely thru your Instagram feed and you saw a fast food ad. Days later, you caught yourself craving for a delicious cheeseburger. Hidden persuasions are the driving force behind advertising. And, these persuasions happen more often than you think! On that note, here



3 Times Color Significantly Affected Your Spending

Whenever you are out to shop, you see wonderful colors from the lightest to the darkest shades. The sale signs are bright red, the shopping bags are shocking yellow, and the labels are resonating the rainbow. Did you know that these colors are strategically placed to influence the way you spend? Colors can impact one’s spending because the sight of it automatically stimulates you and increases your memories, color-motivated behaviors, and social influences. Here are three situations when color significantly


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Leverage on modern marketing for your brand

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Times have been difficult recently and this resonates with companies trying to keep their costs low. Traditional marketing techniques have been slowly losing its trend due to its time consuming and costly factors. All these things are delivered in print format or in person. On the contrary, Internet marketing transcends outdated form of marketing using the power of online networks and interactive media to reach your marketing objectives. With modern marketing, you can lower costs and accomplish more without catalogs,