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When is a Good Time to Switch Jobs?

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Whether you admit it or not, we crave job security. Holding on to a job for several years is one way to attain this. However, there is less financial security in long-term employment.

You can get better by opening your doors to bigger opportunities. The longer you spend time locked up in any organization, the softer your muscles become. You can become complacent and comfortable.

When is it a suitable time to switch jobs?

#1: You became apathetic.

Feeling increasingly disconnected from your primary reasons for entering the field can affect your mental health. Notice if you are underperforming and skipping deadlines. What is going on?

If you cannot remember the last time you felt energized by a new project, it might be time to reassess your role.

#2: You do not feel like you are making an impact.

Your responsibilities and duties remain the same. Every day looks and feels identical. Therefore, you feel undervalued as you run on autopilot.

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It is time for you to find a new role that plays to your strengths and provides you opportunities to develop new ones.

#3: You dread going to the office.

If you dread going to work most days or feel anxious about interacting with the boss, you feel dissatisfied with your current roles.

It is time to think about other areas that will align with your passions. Search for new jobs in job portals such as LinkedIn.

#4: Your job is affecting your personal life.

Work should be challenging, but not crippling. If you are chronically exhausted and experience physical and mental tolls, it is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.

Being stressed can affect your relationships with the people who matter the most. If your work is turning you unhappy and irritable, start to explore activities that will make you feel boosted again.

#5: You feel that your salary is not enough.

No matter how good the pay may be, you still feel that money is not enough. At some point, you will find yourself watching time pass by during meetings.

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Constant dissatisfaction and mindlessness can make you feel like you are wasting your potential. This is a clear sign that you need to embrace change!

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