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Priceless Things That Money Cannot Buy

The world may revolve around money but, it cannot buy everything. There are some things in one’s life that are more important than money itself. The most valuable things found on this capitalist world do not come with a price tag. Many people lose sight of that! #1: TIME We race against time. No matter how rich you are, you cannot get back lost time. It is given free for everyone and we only have 24 hours to maximize one


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Stop Procrastinating And Start Accomplishing Goal$

One of the greatest English novelists, Charles Dickens, encapsulated the unpleasant prowess of procrastination. His advice was “to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” Procrastination feeds into your weakness by following immediate gratification. You are aware that it affects some areas of your life such as being late for a meeting or missing the billing deadline. However, you might not realize that constantly avoiding responsibilities can cost you money. Start changing your


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Time Is Money: Importance Of Punctuality In The Workplace

One cannot simply deny that time is among the most valuable commodities on Earth. The idiomatic expression of “time is money” was first recorded in 1572. Time was seen as a finite resource that shall not be wasted since then. We must complete tasks as quickly as possible because time is irreplaceable. You can always stream shows online but, you can never bring back time. The nature of time is understood in diverse ways by different cultures. Generally speaking, the



10 Wonderful Treasures That Money Cannot Buy

1. RESPECT Genuine respect from your partner, your workplace, and yourself is something that almost everyone desires to achieve. One gains respect not by paying for it, rather it is gained through humility, hard work, and nobility. 2. WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE Knowledge and education are acquired through time and effort. While, wisdom comes from the knowing how little you actually know. Submitting yourself to updated books and new experiences can fuel the lifelong learning process. 3. FULFILLMENT OF DREAMS Whether



The Age-Old Relationship Of Money And Time

If you lived in Singapore long enough, you will realize that time is money! Not in the literal sense. In a fast-paced work driven environment, time is seen as a valuable and finite resource. Since time is irreplaceable, we must accomplish tasks as quickly as possible. You can always make money but you can never bring back time. Time and money’s dynamic relationship is manifested in different daily scenarios such as these: a. HAVING TOO MUCH TIME Experts say that