How to Build Your Travel Fund


As this year’s Deepavali falls on November 12 (Sunday), the following Monday (November 13) will be observed as a public holiday. With the upcoming long weekend, what plans do you have in mind?

So, ever since we tied the knot, I’ve been convincing my husband about jetting off to Hong Kong. We’ve just returned from a fun trip to Taiwan and are gearing up for our November adventure to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Hong Kong. To add to the excitement, Hong Kong Disneyland is unveiling a Frozen-themed wonderland. I’m practically bubbling over with enthusiasm, but my wallet? Not so much. My travel fund isn’t quite there yet, but fear not, I’ve hatched a plan.

Here are 5 nifty ways to boost your travel fund:


Ever wondered why every financial guide emphasizes setting a goal? Well, it’s not just a cliché. Establishing a realistic goal tailored to your financial situation is key. It not only enables you to monitor your progress but also guides your actions to achieve it. Plus, when you finally hit that target, it’s a reason to celebrate!

To start, estimate how much you plan to spend on your travels, considering factors like accommodation, transportation, food, entertainment, clothing, SIM card/Wi-Fi, shopping/souvenirs, and exchange rates. Your previous travel expenses can be a good reference point. Setting a goal helped me to redirect my earnings to the target ahead.


Once your travel savings goal is in place, create a separate savings account exclusively for travel. Why? This specialized account prevents confusion with your regular savings, deterring impulsive spending. It also simplifies budgeting during your trip, letting you easily track your balance and expenses.

If you’re a fan of the old-school method, consider using envelopes to keep your funds organized, just like I do.


I’ve been asked countless times about saving for travel, and my advice? Treat it like a monthly insurance premium deducted from your paycheck. Choose a percentage and stick to it. Numerous budgeting methods like the 20-30-50 rule or the 10-20-20-50 rule are available online.

Tailor your approach based on your goals and lifestyle. Living within your means is crucial. Personally, I set aside money not only for everyday expenses but also for special treats like luxury items during my trip. I have a fund called “shopping in Hong Kong” apart from my regular “pocket money in Hong Kong.”


In a world of fast-paced inflation, hustling sometimes doesn’t seem enough. That’s when side hustle comes in handy. Turn your hobbies or passions into cash. Sell items you no longer need. Every extra dollar contributes significantly to your travel fund.


Financial situations change—it’s a part of life. When that happens, be flexible and adapt. If things aren’t going as planned, don’t hesitate to make changes. Identify areas where you can cut back on expenses. For me, it meant curbing my desire for new clothing and focusing on my travel goal.

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Remember, with determination and a bit of financial finesse, your dream trip is within reach. Happy travels!

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