On what occasions flowers are used?

paper flowers in a vase

A world without flowers is like food without salt. Without flowers, everything would be dull, colorless, and boring. That’s why flowers are used everywhere for various purposes. Some adorn their home with it while some present or to someone. They are used to express feelings of thankfulness, happiness, love, and many other feelings when you can’t express them in words. There are many other uses of flowers like some flowers are used to make dyes, fragrances, and other products apart from decorations.

Flowers are used on occasions

When you organize any event, ceremony, or party you use flowers for the decoration to make things attractive and refreshing. Depending upon the occasion different types of flowers are used for different decorations. Also, the color of flowers is selected according to the event. Following are some of the occasions that use flowers for decoration.


A wedding is an occasion of happiness and many people are invited to this occasion. So, its decoration is really important because it is a very important day for two people who are getting together. Flowers convey feelings and messages so without them a wedding is incomplete.

Flowers are used for stage decoration. Also, the tables and chairs are adorned with beautiful flowers. Some people also present flowers to the guests as a gesture to welcome them. So, flowers complete the decoration of a wedding.

Welcome and farewell party

Welcome parties and farewell parties also carry some meaning, and when they are celebrated people are invited. Such parties also use flowers for decoration. Though the decorations are lighter than other events, the party is incomplete without them. The selection of flowers is made accordingly.

Birthday and anniversary

These are the events that come every year and people mostly represent flower bouquets along with gifts. Flowers are also used for decoration if you are throwing a party. If you are doing decorations by yourself or if you hire any event organizer, flowers are always used for attraction. If you want to send flowers to your loved ones you can check out Floristique – one of Singapore’s best florists. You can order for their same day flower delivery services in Singapore and make your loved one happy.


Valentine’s day is a very special event for all the loved ones. And when you want to express your love in this event, you make some arrangements and yes, flowers are used for this expression. Lovers exchange flowers and the color of the flower is red. The red flower is a symbol of love and affection and usually, it’s a red rose.

While many other roses are presented that convey different meanings like white roses represent pure love, faithfulness or innocence and pink roses show friendship. You can represent them with flower bouquets or you can arrange a party with red-themed flowers as decoration.


Flowers are used on many other occasions and parties. So, in a nutshell, it can be said that no occasion is complete without flowers. They are not only used for beauty and attraction but also because they make the climate calm and pacifying. Also, they express feelings and spread positivity. Different types and colors of flowers are selected depending upon your relation with the other person.



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