Smartphone Accidents That You Can Repair By Yourself

As you spend more time at home, it is highly likely that you have consumed more videos and sent more texts than before. The social distancing guidelines enabled us to be more virtually connected with others. So, what happens if you suddenly tumble and drop your phone on the floor? You may notice that your screen will break and the software will experience some bugs. The first instinct is to drop by the nearby repair shop to have your phone checked. However, what if the phone repair shop near you is closed due to the effects of the pandemic?

Where are you going to get your phone repaired? Well, you still have several options to get it fixed. Start by considering the possibility of fixing the problems on your own.


Despite the prevalence of wireless earphones, several smartphone units still come with the audio “jack”. You may experience hearing an inferior quality of sound when you plug the earphones into the jack as time passes.

When this happens, stick a cotton swab into the jack and use it to clear out any dirt or small particles. Sanitize your phone to top it all off.


Your smartphone’s battery gradually degrades with time. This is not usually due to misuse or accidental drops. You will typically notice that your phone dies completely or only lasts for a few hours before needing to be recharged again. You can find more information about your battery by looking at the settings.

A replacement battery is relatively cheap to buy online and it is one of the easiest components to replace. Just be careful. The battery in your phone is usually held in place by two thin adhesive strips between the battery and the back part of your phone. It plugs into the logic board with a tiny ribbon cable connector which snaps into place. Learn more about the components of your battery by browsing online, before replacing yours.


With continued use, your charger may not fit as well into the port as it did before. The simple way to fix it is to use a sharp toothpick to remove the lint and dirt from the port. Clean the rest of your phone by using a cotton swab, cotton buds, or cotton tips with drops of distilled water.


One of the common phone accidents is water damage. Even I experienced it myself. It is an event that can cause frustration and stress to many of us. So, if your phone takes an unexpected swim, remove the battery (if possible), and place it in a bag of rice for a day or two to absorb the moisture within. With luck and patience, this will do the trick.


Like audio jacks, buttons can be replaced easily. You can purchase tools and button replacements on hardware stores or online. If you are comfortable with opening your phone by yourself then, you can solve your phone’s button problems.

Most buttons are attached via cables to the motherboard. Thus, it is a delicate process. Be careful when re-attaching new hardware. There is a wealth of information found online with regards to replacing your phone’s power and volume buttons. Be sure to read these first, before purchasing replacement components.


Replacing your smartphone’s screen is usually do-able and it is simpler than you think! All it takes is the right tools and a little courage. You may start by assessing the situation. Can a tape fix it? Or, perhaps a glass screen may temporarily solve your problem.

If your smartphone looks like a spiderweb of cracks underneath, you better purchase a repair kit on eBay or iFixit. Get concise instructions online or buy a repair kit if you do not have a toolbox.

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Save yourself some money and social contact by subtracting smartphone repair to your expenses! Truly, there are some issues that you can handle on your own. All it takes are tools, courage, determination, and a little help from the Internet.

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How To Decorate Your Home On A Tight Budget

Minor decorating projects can freshen up your nest without breaking the bank. Try one or two of these Do-It-Yourself ideas for an instant upgrade!


Are you tired of your dull satin napkins? Well, you can liven up your dining table by adding ombre linens. Ombre is a display of similar tones. Start by gathering your plain white linens and by soaking them in water. Brush the fabric paint from the bottom. Put water as you move up the linen. Do you notice how the tones gradually transition from light to dark?

Complete the faded look by drying and ironing each one. These napkins can double as place-mats too!


If you are down for a plushy pillow party, please read along. Instead of rounding up your store-bought throw pillows, you can customize on your own. Prepare sewing pins, scissors, fabrics, ironing cloth, buttons, and hem tape. You can purchase hem tape at your nearest Spotlight store. The instant hem tape will cost you about S$8.

Follow this Mr. Kate YouTube tutorial to create a cozy pillow without the ability to sew.


Add sophistication to your romantic dinner with a quick lighting trick. Simply pop a LED tealight inside a wine glass and cover it with a paper shade. Battery-operated light is a safer alternative, which does not have the risk of stimulating a fire. The 8-piece STÖPEN tealight from IKEA costs S$12.90.

Print and cut along this template on a piece of 8.5″ by 11″ paper. I recommend that you use a scrapbook paper as it is vibrant and sturdy.


Locate your old wooden cabinet such as the RAST from IKEA (S$59). The RAST acts as a blank canvas due to its untouched pine wood exterior. You can spruce things up in two ways – going bold or going classy. Achieve the first route by painting everything with high-gloss orange hues.

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Lastly, you can tone things down by painting the chest white. Add gold pulls for a fancy touch. This design goes well with any bedroom.

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We are weeks away from the spookiest event of the year – Halloween. Due to the relatively short period of time left, you must go through a pile of costume ideas swiftly. A good (and cheap) place to start is your home.


If you are fond of gypsy or bohemian fashion like me, raid your closet to dress up as a fortune-teller. Pick a loose top that will go well with a long skirt. Do not forget about the headscarf, shawl, and golden accessories! Finish this magical look by bringing a deck of tarot cards.


Creating Gru’s adorable minions is an fun task. Start by looking for a yellow top and denim overalls. These items are the base of your costume. For the eyes, you can create goggles out of Styrofoam cups and grey paint. Covering your face with yellow face paint is optional, but doable!


I can only imagine how vibrant your life has become ever since your beloved child came along. So, why not have your child wear his or her favorite Crayola crayon? Let your child strike a pose in a monochrome ensemble from head to toe.

Amp up the costume by using temporary colored hairspray and by placing a black label that says “Crayola”.


Instead of throwing your boxes in the recycling bin, use them to assemble a homemade robot costume. Purchase a metallic craft or spray paint (e.g., purchase it here for S$5.50) and decorate the box in a way that you desire. Use plastic bottle caps or excess buttons for the face.

Keep your creative juices pumping!


Due to the advancements in technology, authorities caution the public about the possibility of online fraud. Support the cause and rock a puntastic costume becoming an identity theft for Halloween. Start by looking up a “Hello My Name Is…” template online. Then, print 10 name tags using a sticker paper. Stick these tags in a plain black shirt.

You may use the names of your friends or co-workers to amuse them.


This last Do-It-Yourself outfit is arguably the easiest among the bunch. Simply get an old white tee and a permanent marker. Embody the essence of the “Error 404: Page Cannot Be Found” by writing “Error 404: Costume Not Found”, instead.

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You do not have to explain yourself because the witty guests will get it!

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Affordable Summer Looks And Fashionable DIY Ideas

Since Singapore is geographically located near the equator, it is relatively hot all year round. With no particular period for summer, it is cool to dress the part while you go out and while you travel.


Exude the summer vibe to your shoes by decorating it with bright laces or ribbons. Simply place a large amount of glue to your shoes and even it out with a bristled paint brush. Once everything is laid out nicely, push the lace down on the top. Place the “scalloped” portion of the lace on the curves to keep everything uniform and to avoid overlaps. Using your scissors, cut the excess lace around the edges of the shoes. Try to make all your lines as straight as possible.

Purchase inexpensive laces or ribbons at Spotlight Singapore.

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Indulge on Cotton On’s sale items that are suitable for the hot weather. For women, you may purchase the Caged-back Cami that is fitted and detailed to stay cool and ready for spontaneous workouts. It retails for only S$5. Pair this with comfy denim shorts and gorgeous Coco Sandal. The Coco Sandal, that comes in multiple colors, retails for only S$10.

Men on the other hand can enjoy the breeze running through their slim Anchor Tank (S$10). You can pair it with just about anything from swimming shorts to skinny denim jeans.


To complete your overall look, purchase appropriate summer accessories such as sunglasses and hats. UV-protective tinted lenses are best to beat the hit. Adding a dash of style with the S$9.90 sunglasses from H&M would not hurt your wallets (for women and men)! And as for Bohemian hats and sun visors that will cost you less than S$10, shop at


Tired of your denim shorts? Turn it up a notch by giving it a stylish ombre look. To do so, soak your shorts in water first then dip it into a mixture of bleach and water. Let the mixture hit up to three inches below where you want it to reach as it will run upwards eventually. Set it in place for 30 minutes and rinse it out with white vinegar and water. Lastly, you must wash and dry your trendy ombre shorts. Pair it with jewel wedges or a neon top to embrace the summer colors!

A liter of bleach is sold for only S$1.10 at FairPrice.


Special DIY Gifts To Make Your Mother Smile

There are women in this world that are willing to work tirelessly for others, are willing to teach young minds, are willing to forgive failures and are willing to put someone’s else’s happiness ahead of their own. Remarkable in every way, these women are called mothers.

With less than three weeks more under your belt, it is about time to think of a precious gift to reward your beautiful mother on Mother’s Day (May 8). The good news is that you do not have to spend loads of cash since you can just use the materials you already have at home!

Here are some inexpensive yet very heart warming ideas for you:


If the angel of your life is into creating artistic items than receiving them, plan an afternoon crafts session. While sipping your tea, you can create lovely jewelry with the materials on promotion at Spotlight such as Pony Beads (S$4.99), Pom poms (S$2.99), and Quill Feathers (S$5.99).

Alternatively, you can grab a DIY kit from Typo to make the stylish and useful items such as a tote bag (S$34.99) and a scrapbook (S$29.99).


Celebrate the essence of Mother’s day by capturing the moment through a poem. Describe her in the sincerest of ways. A unique gift such as this will flatter her heart and make her feel how much you are thankful that she is in your life. You can also put a melody and turn your poem to a song if you want to.

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My mother is one of those people who are fond of films. From romantic comedies to action, she is delighted to watch any flick as long as she has her family along. Apply this concept at home by purchasing a few DVDs from the yesteryear. As much as possible, select her favorite movies. Gather your family in the living, as having everyone present is valuable to the occasion.


The best way to reward your workaholic warrior is by giving the present of an enjoyable bath time filled with relaxing fragrance. Achieve that by making bath bombs that are similar to the ones sold at Lush Singapore.

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Here are four ways you can make different types of bath bombs from basic to herbal type.