Home-Fix: Warehouse Sale – Up to 80% Off Home Products & Hardwares (24 – 27 Mar 16)


Home-Fix will be running a warehouse sale tomorrow till Sunday, from 24 to 27 Mar. With more than 30 participating brands, expect a wide product range with discounts of up to 80% off! Look out for some of the popular brands such as 3M, BOSCH, Casabella, Philips and more. The sale will take place at their headquarter at 19 Tai Seng Avenue, from 10am to 8pm daily. Share this news with your friends and loved ones! Here’s a sneak peak if



Affordable And Quality 24-Hour Laundromats In Singapore

If you are a avid-fan of FRIENDS, you would remember the first time Rachel and Ross kissed. It was in a simple self-service laundry shop wherein customers put their clothes inside the machines. The machines would wash their clothes once they filled its slot with coins. In the most parts of the world, this self-service laundry shop is called laundromats while in United Kingdom, they call it launderettes. When this technology graced Singapore, people welcomed it with open arms. Laundromats



Making Your Will In Singapore: Are Lawyers Non-Compulsory?

Whether we like it or not, death is inescapable. This is why it is important to prepare a “Will”, especially if you are retiring soon. The essence of making a Will is not only to prepare for the event of death but also to make sure that others understand your parting wishes. In Singapore, the surviving spouse is usually entitled to one half while the other half is divided among the children. But if there is no Will, there are


Marriage & Family

Household Items You Should Not Be Spending Too Much On

Whether you are living alone or you have kids, it can be difficult to manage your finances regardless of how much you make. One of the best ways to improve your situation is to trim your daily costs. Figure out what exactly you are paying for by knowing which things you are spending too much on. Reduce your household items spending by following these tips: 1. PAPER TOWELS Instead of buying paper towels constantly as they ran out, purchase Scotch-Brite’s


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6 Affordable Home Remedies For Common Travel Sickness

According to a survey, 6 out of 10 people fall sick overseas every year. There is a higher susceptibility to common travel sickness such as colds, sunburn, throat infection, constipation, and insect bites. You do not need to visit the doctor just yet! Be healthy after traveling with these 6 Home Remedies For Common Travel Sickness… 1. COLDS If you travelled in country at wintertime and came back immediately to sunny Singapore then, you can really catch a cold. The