SilkAir: All-in Return Promo Fares to over 40 Desinations fr S$169 (20 Jun – 13 Jul 16)

silkair promo 20 Jun 16

Fly with Asia’s most awarded regional airlines. SilkAir has released the latest promo fares, with price for all-in return fares starting from S$169. Travel to destinations such as Phuket, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Chennai, Hanoi, Chiang Mai, Shenzhen, Darwin and more. Travel Period: 01 August 2016 – 18 November 2016     Find a travel buddy, share this promo fares with your friends and loved ones! Need a hotel? Use our hotels search engine to suss out the best hotel deals


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Is It Time To Embrace The Rise Of Digital Red Envelopes?

  First comes Snapchat’s Snapcash then there was MasterCard’s Selfie Authorization, and now we make way for the digital Ang Baos. Yes! You read that right. As we usher in the Year of the Monkey, China’s three Internet giants namely Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent (developer of WeChat messaging app) offered their own versions of digital red envelopes. Even the Chinese government weighed in as they gave away a total of 300,000 RMB or about S$63,000 through Alipay – Alibaba’s digital



26 Smartest Companies: Leading In Innovation, Technology, And Success Worldwide

Some say that there is nothing left to be invented as humanity reached its outpouring potential. But various technology companies begged to disprove that statement! This is why MIT Technology Review did an extensive research of global companies that are smart in terms of their innovative technology and business model. Said business model must be both practical and ambitious. From renewable energy products to saving lives of people with lung cancer and landing unmanned rockets, these are the World’s 26


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Hey Globetrotter! How Much Is Your Money Worth Around The World?

Has your strong desire to travel been itching you these past several weeks? Is your schedule free enough for you to travel at least 3 days away? If all your answers point to “YES” then, it is time to give in to your wanderlust! As you let your heart decide which country you shall go next, it is paramount to understand the value of your money and the cost of living dynamics. These said information would help you build the



What stocks to invest in 2015?

New York Stock Exchange

It is just like the eternal question every year again – what stocks to buy and what to ignore. The question is simple, but the answer is somewhat complex, as there isn’t any easy and straightforward way to respond to it. Investors can choose however different strategies. Like every year there are always certain companies that will grow no matter what the state of the economy does. These rather save investments are perhaps one of the best strategies to follow.