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Save Time And Money By Following These Food Hacks

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As much as we want to prepare delicious and healthy meals for our entire family, doing so can be a quite a chore!

This is why some of us opt to order in or to eat out. However, this can lead to an increased spending and to an unhealthy lifestyle. The solution is to find ways to save yourself money and time while prepping your meals. Start with these simple food hacks:


Equipped with a shopping list in one hand, I enjoy my weekly trips to the grocery. Egg is among the items that will always be present on the list. For many of us, it is difficult to tell whether a set of eggs is expired. When this happens, you either throw out edible eggs or take the risk of eating expired ones. Avoid these situations by following a simple trick:

Put your eggs in a bowl of water. The expired eggs will float and the fresh eggs will sink. Quickly grab the good eggs in the bottom of the bowl.


I love potatoes! Whether it be mashed or fried, potatoes can drive many people into frenzy! Say you want to fry potato wedges or mash some potatoes. It is best to spend as little time as possible in peeling each individual potato. Furthermore, you are only wasting money by peeling too much.

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So, take a sharp knife and gently run the blade around the circumference of the potato. You must break the skin without puncturing the potato. Repeat this step for each potato that you intend to cook. Place all the potatoes in a pot and add boiling water. After all these are fully boiled and drained, you may put the pot under cool water for a few seconds. This is the perfect time to gently remove the potato’s skin using your fingers. Watch as the skin slip right off as you save energy on a simple task.


One of the kitchen tools that many of us often under-utilize is the freezer. Using the freezer efficiently to properly store your food will save you money, effort, and time. Keep this tip in mind – maintaining an empty or an almost empty freezer is a mistake! The freezer has to double its work to cool itself, which will lead to energy wastage. The coolness is retained better if the freezer a little more full.

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I am not saying that you must completely pile up items as that will restrict air circulation. Instead, you must replace what you use with new frozen food items. Practicing this cycle will ensure that your freezer is used to its fullest potential.


Meat gets ridiculously more expensive as time passes. By buying large amounts of meat when it is on sale can help you save money and time in the grocery store. You can either cook everything at the same time or store everything in the freezer into usable portions.

For instance, you may use ground beef for spaghetti sauce and chicken strips for salads. There will be no leftovers!

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