NETS IT! and be rewarded! Go cashless and stand a chance to walk away with attractive prizes!

NETS is once again executing a massive NETS IT! promotion which consists of 3 different promotions. Launched on 15th October 2018, the 3 months long campaign will end 2018 with a bang and kickstart 2019 with attractive prizes. With NETS fighting to idealize Singapore’s cashless society, NETS have many forms of cashless payment methods which include NETS PIN, NETSPay, NETS FlashPay, NETS Contactless payment, et cetera – all of which are accepted in this promotion. Moreover, with the incorporation of SGQR, you are bound to easily use NETSPay to pay for your purchases at the participating outlets. Without further ado, let’s dive into the promotion details.

Spend a minimum of $40 at participating merchants with NETS!

In the first promotion, “NETS IT and WIN your money back!” 50 lucky winners each month will win their grocery-spending back – capped at $200. So, if you are someone who likes to shop till you drop, the prize amount gives you the desired freedom to spend.

For a full list of participating merchants, click here.

Pay for your healthcare with NETS at participating healthcare providers.

The next promotion “NETS IT, don’t cash it!” will be the remedy to your sick blues. The best way to cure your sickness is to be able to recuperate with peace of mind. You can easily do so when you know that you stand a good chance to win $50 to ‘offset’ your medical bills. 200 monthly winners will stand a chance to win $50 when they pay with NETS at any participating healthcare outlets.

For a full list of participating merchants, click here.

Spend a minimum of $20/$50 at selected F&B merchants with NETS!

Last, and certainly not least, the “NETS IT and WIN a dream trip for 2!” is definitely a mouthwatering promotion! NETS is pulling out all the stops with this promotion to allow you & your loved one to travel to your dream destination! 5 monthly winners will stand to win travel vouchers worth $2,000 inclusive of flight and accommodation. With $2,000 worth of vouchers, you can visit the exotic Maldives, beautiful night markets at Taiwan or even experience snow in Japan. However, before making a purchase at any participating F&B outlets, do check out the promotion website to see what the minimum spending needs to be for each outlet in order to qualify.

For a full list of participating merchants, click here.

So the big question remains: How do I stand a chance to win the above prizes? In 3 easy steps:

  1. Spend with NETS
  2. Take a picture of your NETS receipt
  3. SMS the picture of your NETS receipt to 8180 1144 along with the following details:
  • NETS IT and WIN your money back!
    Groceries  <space> Transaction Date (DDMMYY)  <space> Amount Spent [e.g. Groceries 151018 $88]
  • NETS IT, don’t cash it!
    Healthcare  <space> Transaction Date (DDMMYY)  <space> Amount Spent [e.g. Healthcare 151018 $88]
  • NETS IT and WIN a dream trip for 2!
    FnB  <space> Transaction Date (DDMMYY)  <space> Amount Spent [e.g. FnB 151018 $88]

Once you have sent a complete submission, you will automatically be allocated a chance in the same month’s lucky draw for that particular promotion. Every complete submission equates to one chance to win so remember to pay with NETS!

Find out more information of the NETS IT! promotions at

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Transaction Date must fall within the Promotion Month in order to qualify for that month’s Lucky Draw.
  2. Each complete SMS/MMS submission is equivalent to 1 (one) lucky draw chance for the respective Promotion. A complete submission requires a legible NETS receipt and SMS details that meet the conditions stated above.
  3. The image of the NETS receipt submitted must show the Merchant Store Name, Transaction Date and Transaction Amount clearly to qualify for the lucky draw. If the image does not meet the above condition(s), the submission will not be eligible for the lucky draw.
  4. There are no limits to the number of Lucky Draw chances accumulated per mobile number in a promotion month.
  5. Lucky Draw chances for each Promotion are awarded to a unique mobile number and are non-transferrable.
  6. Lucky Draw chances cannot be carried forward to the next Promotion Month(s).
  7. NETS reserves the right at its absolute discretion to terminate the Promotion or vary, delete, add to or otherwise amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice to the Participants, including without limitation the date(s) of the Promotion.

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