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Times have been difficult recently and this resonates with companies trying to keep their costs low. Traditional marketing techniques have been slowly losing its trend due to its time consuming and costly factors. All these things are delivered in print format or in person. On the contrary, Internet marketing transcends outdated form of marketing using the power of online networks and interactive media to reach your marketing objectives. With modern marketing, you can lower costs and accomplish more without catalogs, brochures and any other marketing collateral. You can reach more customers than ever before with its cost efficiency formula.

Spreading the name of your company does not have to be expensive. Owl City SG provides online advertising, marketing and profiling for local companies and businesses. They were nominated this year with “Top 25 Prestige Award 2015” for demonstrating exceptional accomplishment in Business Fields.

Owl City provides excellent Business to Business (B-to-B) services ranging from Profile Portal, E-commerce, Media Advertising and Marketing Consultation.

A recent profound marketing collaboration that Owl City has undertaken involves assisting Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on their Drug Awareness Campaign by managing CNB’s “Life Does Not Rewind” FaceBook page. In there, creative marketing techniques such as videos and games contests were showcased with highly creative and engaging content resulting in overwhelming responses from the general public.

Essentially, Owl City’s achievements would not have been made possible without Miri Yeo, the Founder of Owl City SG. Through her sheer determination to pursue her passion of starting up a marketing firm, she stands firm to her beliefs that profit maximization should never be her main goal, rather the importance of advocating an honest reputation when doing business, alongside with maintaining top-notch work quality standards and efficiency.

Fundamentally, over 300 clients who have engaged Owl City SG’s advertising and branding services have left them with positive feedbacks which resulted in significant cost savings in the long run. Owl City SG remains as a prime choice for people who wish to grow and expand their businesses, and customer bases. Its grasp of modern media and advertising is second-to-none.

An example on how Owl City provides a comprehensive services to Yoogane, a Korean restaurant in Singapore:


Yoogane, client of Owl City Singapore

For more information on Owl City SG, refer to the links below:

http://www.owlcitysg.com/ (Business to Business Services)
http://www.owlcity.com.sg/ (Business to Consumers Services)

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