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Immediate Steps On Dealing With A Promotion

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Several people are fortunate enough to receive a promotion. The glistening promotion is a chance to better yourself and your existing skill set. Higher roles entail more responsibilities and expectations. Some of your previous co-workers may be happy for you, while others may pull you down!

Consider these tips to guide you with the new challenge ahead.


When I was given the coveted promotion, a series of thoughts ran through my mind. I was deeply concerned about my new supervisor. Keep in mind that the internal roles will shift due to this promotion. Budding relationships, such as the aforementioned, shall work smoothly if you keep the streams of communication open.

Aim to schedule an appointment between you and the supervisor (or the HR representative). Discuss your upcoming responsibilities and duties, especially the operating systems that you are not familiar with. You may be tasked to hire new employees, track the department’s invoices, deal with employee reimbursements, or document employee hours. No matter what your new tasks are, you need to be familiar with the protocol for each new responsibility. Do you need your supervisor’s approval before hiring and employee?


Be honest with yourself as you contemplate on the type of leader that you aim to be. Do you want to be respected or feared? Do you want to build a bridge or a gap between you and your team members? You can be a great leader and a good friend by slightly altering your behaviors.

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Some experts suggest that you must totally disconnect from your team members (i.e., including in social media). This is due to the changing workplace dynamics. You do not want others to perceive that you favor a particular person due to the “preferential treatment”. You may still attend happy hours but, not often as before. Katy Tynan, the author of Survive Your Promotion!, suggests that you continue to spend time with your team members as you need to blow off steam sometimes. Furthermore, bonding experiences let them know that you can vent out whenever necessary.


Changing the manner of your speech is crucial in your daily interactions. From making a stellar interview to filling a complaint, your tone needs to change as you dive in different scenarios. Being a loyal friend on one hand and a critical boss on the other is a challenging task. Thus, you need to set a firm and authoritative tone when you are in the workplace.

Ensure that your team knows that you have their backs. However, they can no longer vent out in a “gossipy” manner. Use your bond to find a concrete solution and move forward in a professional manner instead. Focus on a solution that values customer satisfaction and employee happiness.


People react differently when it comes to internal promotions. As their new supervisor, you need to be emphatic with their initial thoughts. Actively listen to their feelings and do not be swayed by them. If you dive a little deeper into a conversation, they may start comparing themselves to you. Hurtful statements such as “my performance is better than yours” or “I have more experience than you”. Defending yourself may lead to damaging your professional relationship (e.g., by saying “the CEO did not see a great managerial potential in you”. That is not healthy! It is difficult to spend your days trying to repair the relationship while focusing on your new position.

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Work together to reach a beneficial solution. Communicate your desire to talk to each team member over lunch. Let the department know about your goals and how these will be actualized. It is important to cultivate a two-way feedback between you and them.

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