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How To Prepare For The CEO’s Nerve-wrecking Questions

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Shifts in the workplace have occurred, along with the screening methods for position placement. It is no secret that preparing for any job interview takes effort and dedication. Moreover, it comes with a considerable amount of stress. Its final phase, the interview with the company’s CEO or President, may heighten the tension. This is the coveted peak of the candidate’s journey.

What shall you do to ace your final interview?

Well, researching on the company’s background is an obvious priority. Familiarize yourself with the company’s offerings (i.e., products or services) and history (i.e., including hierarchy) as well as the mission and vision. Knowing more information about the company enables you to prepare better.

Your next task is to uncover your own self. Understand how your journey was like before you decided to apply for the position. Were you a fresh graduate who stayed with the same company for 3 years? Or, were you not afraid to hop between jobs? The CEO or President will have so much insight based on the decisions that you made along the way.

Aside from these two elements, you must make your way around the tricky interview questions. Know how you will answer the following:

1. Can you describe your learning process?

My background in Psychology and education highlights the fact that everyone learns in a different manner. This is why I am a devoted advocate of individualized instructions. That being said, your answer to this question will show how you will perform given the demands of the available position.

As Stephen Baker (CEO of Attivio) once said: “Having a candidate articulate how they would learn a new topic or skill is a great sign of discipline, organizational skills, and intellectual curiosity.”

2. Why are you here today?

It may sound simple, but the answer entails profound introspection. Be specific when it comes to discussing your career motivations. Ensure that these motivations are in lined with your long-term goals.

This question will help the interviewer judge whether you are there for purely personal reasons or whether you desire to flourish the company’s current state. Gordon Wilson, the CEO of a UK-based software firm, urges that you must find a split between the personal benefits and that of the company’s. He was quoted saying: “if you benefit the enterprise the personal thing will come.”

3. Would you rather be feared or be respected?

If you are applying for a higher position, it is likely that you will be asked about your leadership style. This particular question never fails to catch individuals off-guard, according to Michael Gregoire. Michael is the CEO of an IT management software company called CA Technologies.

There is no distinct “correct” answer for this question. However, you must lean towards the answer that is best suited for the role. For example, it will be better if you are respected than feared in a collaborative workplace environment.

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Consider these tips while you are preparing for your upcoming interview. May the odds be in your favor! 🙂

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