How to Juggle the Countless Demands at Work and Home

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No matter how exhausted you are by the time you get off work, you still have to cook dinner, help with homework, and answer emergency calls. On top of this, you need to manage your bills and spend quality time with your family. Constantly shifting gears to keep up with the demands of work and home can be stressful.

If you are under a lot of stress, it may start to drain you both physically and emotionally. High stress can lead to headaches, back pain, muscle aches, and stomach aches. Moreover, you may suffer from poor sleep, lack of concentration, and low morale.

Take care of your overall health and wellbeing by finding a good balance between your work and home responsibilities. Here are some tips that can help:


Do not be afraid to ask your co-workers, partner, and family members for help. Share the household chores with your partner or older children. Even younger children can set the table or sweep the dust. Working as a team can ease your worries.


Boundaries are important to keep your sanity. Learn how to say “no” when tasks are not realistic for you to fulfill at work. Be careful not to promise more than what you can deliver. Make it clear that if you work on another project, you may have to push back the deadline on the current project. Setting your priorities at home can support the fulfillment of your tasks at work.


Perfection is impossible, but you can maximize your time. Spend a week writing down everything you do from your job to your personal life. Once you have finished this list, you will have a comprehensive and surprising perspective of where your time goes. Cut down on the unnecessary and change it for the better.

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As much as people strive for the perfect work-life balance, it is never going to happen. It is much more achievable to focus on the present situation. Some days you will focus more on work, some days you will spend more time with your family—and that’s completely acceptable!

A tip I got from a recent workshop I attended is to be fully immersed with the environment where you are standing. If you are standing in your kitchen, be present with your family.


To be able to give your optimum performance, you must be healthy. Eat a balanced diet and do not skip meals. Steer away from junk food and welcome regular exercise into your daily routine. Manage stress by enjoying a little quiet time.

Whether you like to listen to Jazz music or read a few pages of a book before sleeping, be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Don’t sacrifice rest just to accomplish more tasks. I know! It’s easier said than done.


We all want to be the most attentive partner to our spouse, the most helpful parent to our child, and the most competent employee in our organization. As painful as this might sound, we cannot always do our best in everything. Try to use self-compassion when this happens.

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Allow yourself to think this: “The world won’t fall apart if I do not do everything I am supposed to do today. I can accept doing a little less.”

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