How to handle slackers in the workplace without losing your temper

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It’s frustrating when you’re busting your butt to get things done, only to have someone else slack off and hinder your progress.

Dealing with slackers in the workplace can be difficult, but it’s important to stay diplomatic. Let’s find out how to handle slackers in the workplace in a way that is respectful, professional, and most importantly, effective.

Talk to the person privately

Before you go off on them or start gossiping with your friends at work, try talking to that particular person privately.

A face-to-face conversation can be more effective than an email or a phone call, and it will give you the chance to find out what’s going on. Maybe they’re going through a tough time or they’re dealing with personal issues.

If you can, try to be understanding and supportive. You might be able to help them out or at least point them in the right direction. And who knows? They might even start pulling their weight after that.

Set clear expectations

It’s time to set the record straight.

You’re tired of these slackers dragging down your progress, and you’re not going to take it anymore. But before you go off the deep end, set clear expectations on what they did to do and by when.

Explain to your coworker that they need to keep to deadlines to ensure projects run smoothly. Be sure to stress that you’re not trying to criticize them, but rather, you’re trying to help everyone involved.

Document the slacker’s behavior
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Keep a record of the times they’ve come in late, the projects they’ve failed to complete, and any other instances where they’ve let the team down. This evidence will come in handy when you need proof.

Talk to HR about the situation

With what you’ve documented, talk to HR about the situation. Remember that you’re not the only one who’s affected by this person’s behavior—others are too.

The goal here is to get HR involved and let them deal with the case. You don’t want to lose your temper and start yelling or anything like that, because that’s just going to make things worse. HR will be able to talk to that coworker and get them to shape up.

In the meantime, try to keep a positive attitude and focus on your work.

No one likes dealing with slackers in the office, but it’s good to stay calm and diplomatic when confronted. Try to understand why the person is slacking off and talk to them privately about their behavior. Let them know that their actions are impacting the team, and ask them to please try to pull their weight. If the slacker doesn’t listen to your concerns, then it may be time to involve a higher-up. But always try to resolve the situation peacefully before resorting to anything drastic.

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