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How To Keep Your Sanity When Switching Careers

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While others have to dive into a life-changing decision from working at a nine-to-five to working for oneself, my father had to do the opposite. Taking a step toward a career change was an exhilarating moment for him! As days passed by, he realized that he does not know how to start. He experimented with three different positions in the span of three years. Finally, he found his calling – a job at a globally renowned technology company.

Keeping your sanity while exploring your options can be challenging! May these tips help you with the career switching process:


What opportunities are available for you to grab? Know these by doing your research. It is free to consider the alternative careers found online. You may also discuss your core skills and possible paths with your friends and relatives. Lastly, hunt for a vacancy through your networking contacts.

If you are having a difficulty with sorting out your ideas, try meeting a career counselor to reap a professional advice.


Do not ignore the contents of your bank account! Career Expert Kerry Hannon states that you must have “good financial health to help smooth[en] your transition”. You see, being in a suitable financial situation allows you to try new things without stressing over your salary.

Create a transitional budget through no cost tools such as Spendee and Microsoft Excel. Having a budget will give you a clear picture of what is within reach.


If you are a person who prefers calculated or conservative moves over creative and unconventional strategies then, you can try things out first. You can identify part-time or volunteer activities related to your target field to test out your interests and abilities.

Are you passionate about working with animals? Consider volunteering at animal welfare organizations such as SPCA. Do you want to switch to publishing? well, try editing your current company’s newsletters first.


I am going to end this article with a thoughtful quote from Mr. Robin Kermode, a leading European Speech Director.

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“One of the hardest things with a change of career is believing that we can do this new task. We tend to think of ourselves as a photographer, an accountant or whatever. That’s what seems to define us. Now we have to re-define ourselves and begin to believe it deeply inside us. Once we believe it, others will too.”

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