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How To Create A Healthy Workplace

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A healthy workplace allows its employees to focus on producing quality products and services. This type of organization leads the key-players to work on development and growth.

On that note, here are 3 ways to build a healthy workplace:

Attach Positive Meaning To The Tasks

Experts in Employee Motivation have been following the framework of the “Job Characteristics Theory“. The theory, developed by Hackman and Oldham, included task significance. Task significance adds meaning to the assignments or projects in order to increase the employee’s efficiency. It highlights how one contributes to a wider scope beyond himself. For instance, the employee will be motivated more if the compensation scheme benefits everyone in the firm.

Studies by Social Science Professor Adam Grant found that telesales teams who were exposed to positive testimonials before their shifts performed significantly better than the control group (i.e., group without intervention). Giving meaning to the tasks improved the employees’ effectiveness.

Make The Space Vibrant And Stimulating

Decorating the dull office with colorful walls can freshen the minds and stimulate thoughts. Paint the walls orange to induce happiness and warmth. It can also increase the employees’ energy levels. Paint the walls blue to induce intelligence and mental calmness. Research has shown that people who are inside the blue rooms are more productive.

Conducive lighting must also be considered in order to take care of the employees’ health.

Offer More Flexibility And Freedom

As a member of the Millennials club, I can attest that many of us dislike structural tasks. Lack of opportunities for development and growth is a part of the reasons why Millennials quickly file their resignations. This why it is easy to gravitate towards jobs that integrate flexibility and freedom. Just observe how common freelancing is right now.

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People who are given reasonable freedom to shape their own roles lead to increased engagement, according to a study. Consider providing this luxury to your employees.

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