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How To Be Financially Ready For Matrimony

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My friends and I shared a significant night last Wednesday. You see, we witnessed the proposal that my friend had orchestrated. The only catch was that he intended to get married in two months. The relatively short amount of time to prepare shook everyone. I noticed that their resources were stretched due to the absence of a stable budget. This scenario made me realize how important it is to set the tone of the wedding earlier on.

Take control of your wedding by financially planning at least 6 months ahead. Relatives from both sides are more likely to state their opinions during the planning process. They will feel like they have the right to impose if they are contributing to the costs. Be open to their colorful suggestions, but remember that it is your special day.

Employ savvy steps such as these:


Before tying the knot, one of the first steps that you must take is to discuss about each other’s short-term and long-term goals. Spare a portion of your weekend to openly converse about your thoughts on personal finance. Respect the opinion of your partner to reach a beneficial decision for your wedding and your future household.

Doing so will give you an opportunity to build joint financial goals. Whether you decide to save for a new car or for an early retirement, aligning your goals to a common plan will serve as a good bonding experience.


The overall budget can make or break your dream wedding. This is why you must arrange your plans ahead of time. Curate a list of all the items that you will need to purchase. Include miscellaneous and other expenses such as your airfare tickets for the honeymoon.

It is important to stick to what you can afford despite the expectations of your friends or family. For an informed decision, you may use this guideline:

Wedding banquet – 60%
Bridal package – 15%
Wedding ceremony – 5%
Honeymoon – 20%


What type of customary ceremony do you want to uphold? For example, the Chinese tea ceremony occurs when the couple greets the elders of the family either around or on the wedding day itself. Extra costs may include refreshments and hong baos for the children and helpers.

On the other hand, it is compulsory to register the Civil Marriage at a solemnisation ceremony. The solemnisers are generally volunteers who officiate weddings at no cost. It is advisable to send your gratitude by giving a token or providing a reimbursement for the transportation costs. The ceremony may be held at the Registry of Marriage (ROM). To know more about ROM’s affordable fees, please visit:


If the wedding that you envision will cost a fortune, consider making alterations. You may even hold the wedding at a later date in order to save money to fulfill your fantasy. A simple and intimate wedding can be great too. Remember that borrowing money shall be your last resort.

If you intend to borrow money, please shop around for the lowest Effective Interest Rate (EIR) on your loan.

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Lavish venues and luxurious honeymoon are not really necessary for a fruitful marriage. What is more vital is that you celebrate the day with the people whom you love the most.

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