FUNtastic Ideas To Spice Up Your Dates

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I am not familiar about your dating habits, but predictability is not a part of my book! My significant other and I are actively browsing through online articles and asking for recommendations. We make it a point to “shake things up” every once in a while.

On that note, here are just some of the romantic and fantastic ideas that we have gathered throughout the years:

1. Let us start with a nostalgic date. Share your most intimate memories with your beloved by exchanging family albums. Then, reminisce the milestones you had as a couple by going back to where you first met.

2. Take the slang “Netflix and Chill” in its literal sense by streaming your favorite shows while indulging on ice cream. Eat as many ice cream flavors as you want! Personally, Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough is my guilty pleasure.

3. Stay in touch with your artsy side by attending craft workshops. From Calligraphy to Bento Box classes, there are many interesting workshops in Singapore! For starters, you can create a spectacular keepsake by Pottery Painting for as low as S$15 at Goodman Ceramic Studio.

4. Be the star of your own editorial by pretending to be famous photographers for a day. You can either take turns in modelling or find a stranger to do the work for you. Snap pictures of your model at the picturesque spots in Singapore (e.g., Haji Lane and National Gallery of Singapore are totally Instagram-worthy).

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5. Immerse yourself into the art of storytelling by attending poetry slams. Artists gather together to eloquently spread their messages out to the public. Considering reserving a free spot at the “Slam: A One Man Show by Neil Basu” on September 30 or October 1!

6. We might be known as a concrete city, but that does not mean that we lack furry companions! Spend a day with adorable felines as you drop by The Cat Cafe. Unlike other establishments, The Cat Cafe only charges for the entry fee of S$15 (i.e.,including a complimentary drink).

7. Aside from furry cuteness, you can get up close with over 100,000 marine animals at the S.E.A Aquarium. Be dazzled with one of the world’s largest acrylic panel that houses over 800 marine species. Their interactive displays will entertain you too! Prices for adults start at S$30 (T&Cs apply).

8. Celebrate your love for sultry Jazz music by visiting the Blu Jaz Cafe. The establishment hosts free-flowing jazz bands that are open to improvisations. Check out their menu to know how to keep your tummies full while you heart sings with glee!

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9. Reconnect with nature by visiting the highest pedestrian bridge in the country – the Henderson Waves. Jog in the Mount Faber Park before watching the sun set in this creative spiral bridge. The wonderful reflection of the the sun shall set the romantic mood for your outdoors date.

10. Inspire each other to reach the optimum physical health by joining fun runs or marathons. Engaging in these activities will not only give you a fitness boost, but it will also allow you to consistently motivate each other along the way.

11. Tired of seeing your partner glued to his or her gaming console? Well, you can ditch the virtual games and immerse yourselves in an intense reality game with Exit Plan. Exit Plan is a local escape room that offers thrilling rooms for friendly prices. Admission starts at S$15 for off-peak hours.

12. Strengthen your bond by revealing your inner self to your partner. Start by writing ten personal questions. Test how well your partner knows you by throwing said questions to him or her. The person who gets the highest score wins, while the loser will have to do a consequence.

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