Venus Tears Singapore has launched a Pokémon wedding ring collection for true Pokémon fans

Are you getting married soon? Or in the midst of shopping for a wedding ring you will hold dear for a lifetime? Venus Tears has launched a Pokémon wedding ring collection true Pokémon fans will love. Prices start from 199 SGD. 

Let’s have a look.

Pokémon wedding ring collection

#1: Pokéball pair ring unisex silver

Pokéball pair ring unisex silver

Price: 199 SGD

This first option is the most affordable design. Made up of countless Pokéballs, it can function as a wedding ring or fashion accessory. The same design can also be made using K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, or platinum. And of course, with a price difference.

#2: Pikachu pair ring ladies silver

Pikachu pair ring ladies silver

Price: 299 SGD

Made with the melee diamond in the centre, this Pikachu ring you see above is for the ladies. Click here to purchase the men’s version. If you can spare a little more budget, add on 100 SGD and you can customize it in K18 yellow gold and silver.

#3: Eevee evolution pair ring men’s silver

Eevee evolution pair ring

Price: 299 SGD

This design is all about Eevee and its evolutions, fire, water, grass, electric, ice, dark, psychic, and fairy. Bonus: Three drops of diamonds as the accent of maturity. Get the ladies’ design here.

#4: Pikachu electric shock motif pair ring ladies K18 yellow gold

Pikachu electric shock motif pair ring ladies K18yellow gold

Price: 1099 SGD

The unusual wave and curve of this ring is the highlight of this design. This ring apparently encompasses the vision of your love being forever as electrifying as the beginning.

#5: Mew pair ring ladies platinum x K18 rose gold

Mew pair ring ladies platinium x K18 rose gold

Price: 1,499 SGD

Let the legendary Pokémon, Mew, rest quietly on the inside of your ring as you embark on your new journey with your significant other. Its tail slipping to the front of the ring reveals a pleasant contrast of platinum and K18 rose gold.

View the full Pokémon wedding ring collection here.

Other than the Pokémon wedding ring collection, diehard fans who are not in need of wedding rings don’t have to be dismayed. That’s because there’s a Pokémon fashion jewellery collection waiting for you next.

Prices start from 199 SGD.

Pokémon fashion jewellery collection

#1: Umbreon & Pokéball necklace silver

Umbreon & Pokéball necklace silver

Price: 199 SGD

The design features the Dark-type Pokémon Umbreon sitting on top of a Pokéball with an embedded diamond in the centre. Other pocket monsters designs are available as well.

#2: Pikachu & Pokéball (single) necklace silver

Pikachu & Pokéball (single) necklace silver

Price: 249 SGD

For the supporters of Pikachu, get this design of Pikachu sitting playfully on a Pokéball waving happily towards you. Similar to the previous necklace, it also has an embedded diamond in the centre.

#3: Charizard ring

Charizard ring

Price: 549 SGD

The Charizard ring is filled with power as it captures all of Charizard’s rage with its outspread wings and flaming tail. Honestly, we’re not sure how we will ever wear this out but we agree that fashion knows no limit.

#4: Flareon & Pokéball necklace pink gold

Flareon & Pokéball neckalace pink gold

Price: 849 SGD

Every detail of the character is replicated flawlessly in this necklace in pink gold. Together with the blood-red coloured gemstone – Ruby, it’s simply perfect.

#5: Pikachu ring silver x K18 yellow gold

Pikachu ring silver x K18 yellow gold

Price: 1,449 SGD

We’re dead serious about how giant the Pikachu looks when this ring is worn on the finger. The iconic zigzag design of the Pikachu’s tail is also present on the back of Pikachu. Made in K18 yellow gold, Pikachu will be in the spotlight.

For more designs, head straight to the Pokémon fashion jewellery collection.

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