Why The Current Generation Of Singaporeans Must Save Longer For Retirement

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It is no secret that Singaporean and expat workers have to face a higher cost of living compared to other cities in the world. In order to cultivate a sufficient retirement fund, these employees have to save nine years longer than the preceding generations. This information is according to the recent HSBC report that included 1,008 Singaporeans who are either working or retired.

Findings in “HSBC’s Future Of Retirement: Generations And Journeys” report showed that the average Singaporean begins saving for retirement at age 32 and continues it for another 29 years. Simple arithmetic will tell you that the previous generations of Singaporeans used to save at an average of 20 years.

Despite having the advantage of saving for a longer period of time, 41% of the participants wished that they had started to save earlier. This tone was supported by the 38% of the participants who stopped saving money due to several difficulties.

Mr Matthew Colebrook, the head of retail banking and wealth management in HSBC Bank Singapore, highlighted that: “in many instances, life events are also getting in the way of setting aside money earlier or in a consistent manner.” This is one of the significant roadblocks that keep Singapore workers from maximizing their retirement fund.

Another roadblock that is worth mentioning is the “tunnel vision” that Singaporeans apply when investing. Often they exclude other forms of assets and focus on cash savings and properties. In fact, the report found that 21% of Singaporeans anticipate that selling or downsizing a property can help them fund their retirement.

Mr. Colebrook made another potent statement concerning this tunnel vision. According to him, “all asset classes’ performance will rise and fall as the current softening of the Singapore property market and low deposit rate environment show us. This speaks volumes for why it is important to seek diversification in a savings plan.”

Image Credits: www.pixabay.com

Image Credits: www.pixabay.com

To gain information about the diversification of a retirement plan as well as other strategies to grow your wealth, you must educate yourself or even seek the help of a financial professional. A financial professional can help tailorize a strategy that suits your personality and lifestyle the best.

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