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Celebrate These “Small” Financial Achievements

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Do not underestimate the strength of your “small” wins. These are pivotal to tracking incremental achievements and working towards larger goals. You see, most financial goals (e.g., purchasing a flat or saving for retirement) can take a long time to achieve. It can be too intimidating!

Breaking your goals into finer pieces can help you visualize your financial path. What’s more? It can motivate you to work harder.


Living alone can be challenging in the first few months. However, nothing replaces the feeling of independence that comes from cultivating your own place. You are free to march to the beat of your own drum – within the bounds of the building management or the landlord. Sometimes, it can get lonely to live by yourself. Your bravery to take the plunge is an accomplishment on its own.


Along with growing your wealth, you must diminish your mountain of debts. Start spending and saving wisely to cover your monthly balance per month. Are you capable of paying it fully? If so, then consider doing it. Nonetheless, contributing a significant amount to your debts will enable you to maximize your retirement contributions.

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Think about that!


Words cannot encapsulate the wonderful feeling of being recognized and paid for one’s hard work. We are quick to press the “Like” or “Heart” button on Facebook whenever someone announces his or her promotion. It is a celebration indeed! But, remember that you do not have to wait for your coveted moment to begin celebrating. Every pay raise counts! Pour yourself a well-deserved drink and bask in the glory of your accomplishment for a night.


Whether you are advancing your degree or continuing your certification in the field, you will more likely to increase your earning potential by receiving further education and training. Not to mention, you will widen your network and knowledge in the process.

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Increasing your professional value by investing in yourself can ignite your ability to achieve long-term independence. Hence, I encourage you to set some money and time this cause.

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