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Best Financial Tips from Mothers

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Mothers know best. We have heard this age-old saying before. Yet, how many of us are willing to admit that it is true?

It is normal to have little spats with our beloved mothers, some of us more than others. However, we would be lost without her unconditional love and support. In honor of Mother’s Day, here is a list of some of the best financial advice that several public figures received or gave as mothers themselves.


Rapper, singer, and song writer Nicki Minaj gave birth last 2020. Her stellar career and experiences led her to value her worth. She once said: “One thing I learned along the way in business is the necessity for you to be unapologetic about asking for how much money you deserve.”

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Do not stop negotiating your pay once the company has absorbed you!


Jillian Michaels led contestants of the Biggest Loser to new heights with her expertise as a personal trainer. Both her parents always said:

“If you want to give someone money, then give it, but don’t give away anything you can’t afford to lose.”

Her parents imparted that she should never borrow or lend money to others. Lending money, especially to people closest to you, is a tricky situation due to the lack of a written contract. Sometimes, it is difficult to ask for the money that your friends or relatives owe you. Thus, be prepared to lose money on several occasions.


LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda said that his mother “told me there was no free lunch. If I wanted to do all the things my friends were doing, I needed to pay for it myself – so go figure it out.”

Teaching your children responsibility at an early age can help prepare them for the future. As a mother, you can reward the household tasks which your child completes.


Alex Rodriguez is well-known for his professional baseball career. He has since transitioned to being the Chairman and CEO of A-Rod Corporation. His mother thought him to be industrious and hardworking.

“There was no one in my life growing up more industrious than my mom. She worked two jobs – as a secretary during the day, and a waitress at night – to support me and my siblings and allow me to pursue my dreams.”


Pamela Habner is the CEO of U.S. Branded Cards for Citi. Her mother’s most powerful financial advice was “to bet on myself and double down. Be an independent woman with the resources to take care of myself – no matter what.”

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It is important to invest in yourself and grow your knowledge. You do not need to be dependent on someone to succeed in life. Do things that excite you! My mother is a lifelong learner whose motivation comes from within.  She still takes webinars and furthers her education to this day. Whenever you do something that you are passionate about, you will never lose a reason to do what you must do.

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