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Amazingly Free Things To Do On Your Off Days

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To help you recharge and reignite your passion for life, I listed 15 inspiring things to do when your day off comes. All these activities do not cost a cent!

1. Witness the magnificent aerial view of the city by stepping into the ION Sky. ION Orchard’s observatory is open from 3 to 6 PM daily.

2. If you rarely take time away from work, take this as an opportunity to tone up your body. Begin by brisk walking at the nearby park.

3. Brush up your skills by taking open online classes from institutions around the world. Coursera is a popular platform that offers classes from prestigious universities such as Princeton and National University of Singapore.

4. Listen to your favorite type of music by building your own playlist at Spotify. Take the 7-day free trial.

5. Savor a spotless kitchen by cleaning all your utensils and electrical equipment. Do not forget to switch off these equipment before you start cleaning.

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6. Learn how to make an Origami Paper Crane. This creative skill is not only a good conversation starter, but it is also handy in parties.

7. Lay like a couch potato by employing a movie marathon. Watch the entire Star Wars series for approximately 13 hours or the Lord of the Rings trilogy for about 11 hours.

8. Arrange your living environment according to the principles of “Feng Shui” to help you feel more balanced.

9. Go to the nearby public library. Here, you may read books that will help you to improve your career.

10. Start saving for your future by opening a savings account. If you already have one, you may dedicate this day to making a significant deposit to your account.

11. Watch the glorious sunset with your special someone. Capture the moment by posting it on your social media platforms.

12. Enjoy outdoor movie screenings (and occasional free snacks) with Movie Mob. It is a drive-in event, which is held in various areas. Check out the next screening at

13. Create homemade spa treatments by using the materials that are available to you. Nothing beats beauty time!

14. Take a relaxing stroll at the MacRitchie Reservoir’s Treetop Walk. This will enable you to connect with nature.

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15. If you are deeply attached to your handphone (like the rest of us), you may want to declare a device-free day. Allow yourself to live in the present moment. Fully enjoy the day with your friends and family.

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