7-Eleven now selling restaurant-quality western dishes from Andes by Astons for S$6.50 each

Craving for western food? Head to 7-Eleven

Satisfy your cravings for Western food at 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven has teamed up with Andes by Astons to offer restaurant-quality western dishes.

There are 4 ready-to-eat meals that you can choose from including Grilled Chicken with Cheese Pasta, Fiery Chicken with Spaghetti, Beef Meatball with Mushroom Sauce and Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce.

Andes by Astons Grilled Chicken with Cheese Pasta (U.P. $6.50) is a hearty dish featuring a tender and juicy chicken fillet grilled to perfection with a generous serving of conchiglie (pasta shells) in Andes by Astons’ signature cheese sauce. Rich, creamy and delicious!

Andes by Astons Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce (U.P. $6.50) boasts a succulent grilled chicken fillet topped with Andes by Astons’ tasty black pepper sauce and oven-roasted potatoes on the side. 

Andes by Astons Beef Meat Balls with Mushroom Sauce (U.P. $6.50) features homestyle oven-baked beef meatballs with cranberry sauce and creamy mashed potato topped with mushroom sauce. Kids and adults alike will love this crowd-pleaser of a dish! 

Andes by Astons Fiery Chicken with Spaghetti (U.P. $6.50) consists of a grilled chicken fillet drizzled with a piquant red bell pepper sauce, served with al dente spaghetti lightly sauteed in olive oil – a quick and easy lunch or evening meal with a spicy kick for those on the go!

Pair your dishes with 7-SELECT new range of Western treats

That is not all! 7-Eleven has also launched a new range of ready-to-eat Western dishes under their own brand 7-SELECT.

7-SELECT Creamy Chicken with Cheesy Rice (U.P. $4.80) is comfort food at its best. Tender morsels of sous vide chicken breast, oven-roasted zucchini and carrots come together in a smooth and creamy Italian herb and cheese sauce, served with risotto-style Japonica rice with parmesan cheese. This dish is also free from pork and lard.

7-SELECT Truffle Potato Gratin with Chicken Ham (U.P. $3.90) is a decadent dish made with sliced potatoes, sauteed garlic, onions, and chicken ham in a rich blend of cheeses including parmesan, mozzarella and orange cheddar. Truffle oil is lightly brushed on top for that added unique aroma elevating this tasty treat into something truly special! It’s halal-certified too!

7-SELECT French Onion Soup (U.P. $2.90) is their take on the French bistro classic made from caramelised onions and a blend of aromatic herbs in a flavourful beef broth. Or cosy up with a bowl of 7-SELECT Mushroom Soup (U.P. $2.90). Enjoy $0.50 off a bowl of 7-SELECT Soup (French Onion/ Mushroom) when you purchase any Andes by Astons ready-to-eat meal/ 7-SELECT Creamy Chicken with Cheesy Rice/ 7-SELECT Truffle Potato Gratin with Chicken Ham!

7-SELECT Italian Style Ham with Cheese Onigiri (U.P. $2) boasts chicken ham, sweetcorn kernels and parmesan cheese in a risotto-style rice ball made with Japonica rice. If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll love the 7-SELECT Garlic Prawn Butter Rice Onigiri (U.P. $2), which features succulent and fragrant prawns sauteed with garlic, wrapped in butter pilaf Japonica rice.


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