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5 Telltale Signs That You Need To Change Your Phone

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As my iPhone slipped from my hands, it quickly tumbled to the ground with its screen falling first. Before I grabbed it, I was so complacent that only the tempered glass was shattered. The people who witnessed the scene were so shocked and even screamed on my behalf. I kept my cool. I told them that everything is under control as it had a protective layer. Oh, I was wrong! The entire glass screen cracked from the inside out.

Three days passed and I have decided to upgrade my phone. I saw it as an opportunity to finally purchasing a new one after three years. I may get accustomed to the smashed display of the spiderweb-like pattern across the screen, but using this is hazardous. I might be cut by the broken glass or cause the cracks to worsen.

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Having a smashed screen is one reason to change your phone. Keep in mind that upgrading can set you back for more than S$1000. So, contemplate on whether it is necessary to buy a new phone or not.


In this day and age, phones that can multitask reign supreme. If your phone cannot keep up with your taps and swipes, perhaps you should get a new one. It is hard to function when your phone responds to some commands while ignores the rest. Consider looking for a phone that listens to your every touch.


How would you feel if your fully charged phone does not last you until lunchtime? You have enough on your plate and rescheduling a recharge can just stretch your tasks.

If you are noticing that your phone is draining at a faster rate after fully charging it, it may be time to replace its battery. Remember that smartphone batteries lose capacity every time you charge it from zero to one-hundred percent. Charging it incorrectly can quicken the process of deterioration.


As I was sitting in the lobby, my friend asked me for a favor. She wanted me to call her phone that randomly turned off. To my surprise, it rang while the entire screen transformed to pitch-black. Random shutdowns is worse that running out of battery. If your phone refuses to turn back on until it dictates so, it is time to purchase a new phone.


Despite adding a memory card, your current phone still runs out of storage space. You noticed that small, low-resolution photos can accumulate and hold a chunk of your phone’s memory. What’s more? Your photos look like they were shot in the yesteryear. Stop collecting grainy and low-resolution moments! Start saving your space for crisp and high-resolution memories by getting a new phone.


Take a moment to think about whether you can download the latest apps and operating systems. One of the primary reasons why you must convert to a new phone is to equip yourself with current software updates.

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Always update your phone to the latest operating system available for security purposes. Latest updates often fix flaws in older systems that leave your data vulnerable to cyberattacks and hackers.

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