4 Times That Fast Food Chains Stole Your Money

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When fast food chains offer their tasty meals, they go beyond advertising on television and social media. They employ different marketing strategies to entice the consumers into spending their hard-earned cash on the spot. Just take a look at their slogans!

Burger King once used the slogan: “IT JUST TASTES BETTER”. They provide no further explanations as to why their burgers and products tastes good. They simply implant this idea because they are business-oriented people. On that note, here are the 4 Times That Fast Food Chains “Stole” Your Money:


It is no secret that smell can induce cravings. These cravings can later lead to spending money.

Some companies (like ScentAir) are in the business of copying the natural scents of different food such as grilled burger, cinnamon bun, and popcorn. They sell these scents to companies that want to enhance the overall aroma of their stores. It works because smell can actually make your food taste better.

Dr. Brian Wansink once said: “it [odor] definitely makes the dining experience much more attractive to people, but unfortunately it also makes you want to get the fries instead of the salad.”


Seeing me sip a cup of soda is a rare sight but, I always fall for the “bundle price” marketing trick regardless of that! Bundle pricing occurs when the company sells 2 or more products as a package with an intent of saving the customers’ money. Fast food chains habitually engage in this strategy which they refer to as “value meals”.

Currently, Burger King is offering value meals that come with burgers, cheesy fries, and sodas for only S$4.95 each. How can you not fall for a price that is significantly less than the amount of each item separately?

Image Credits: burgerking.com.sg/Menu

Image Credits: burgerking.com.sg

One drawback is that the portions are lesser than the usual.


From the logos to the interior, two colors seem to stay at almost every fast food chains. These two colors are red and yellow. Red and yellow stimulate appetite, which probably explains why your stomach starts to make noises as soon as you see the yellow arches or the red logo. You cannot resist spending more inside!

Interestingly, you can combat how colors affect the way you eat by controlling your own plate. Researchers at Cornell University found that when they reduced the contrast in their plates and tables or in their plates and the food itself, people tend to serve themselves less food. To eat less, pair your white plate with your white table-cloth or a blue plate with a blue table-cloth.


With the continued advocacy against obesity, consumers have been warned about the health risks of various fast food joints. Some companies heard this plea and incorporated healthy options to their menu. These companies came up with low-calorie ice creams, fruit bowls, veggie wraps, and salads.

Included in these said companies are McDonald’s and Burger King. Let us take Mac’s “Chicken McNuggets® 6pc Delight 500 Meal with Dasani Drinking Water” as an example. I was impressed with the website as it showed the nutrition facts, allergen information, and food sensitivity. In fact, the amount of cholesterol is this meal is only 59 mg!

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Image Credits: pixabay.com

My friends at the fitness studio who are always on the go will enjoy this seemingly healthier option. Well, you know how popular healthy detox and other healthy alternatives are in the Singaporean social media.

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