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4 Interesting Cities In Europe That Are Cheaper Than Zurich

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Europe is a captivating continent due to its extreme diversity. Contrary to popular belief, there are many budget-friendly cities in Europe for a Singaporean traveler. Let us start with the most expensive place among 56 popular cities.

According to the 7th Europe Backpacker Index, Zurich will exhaust your travel fund the most. Its Daily Backpacker Index (DBI) is US$124.67 or about S$176.86. This reflects the average cost if you were to get a decent budget hostel, two public transportation rides, three meals, entertainment fund, and a famous attraction per day. Each European city manifests a distinct DBI.

This list will show you the beautiful places that possess the lowest DBI.


Currency: Hungary Forint

Budapest is a paradise for various kinds of Singaporean explorers. It is an excellent bargain find as the Daily Backpacker Index is US$26.75 or approximately S$38. Budapest is blessed with castles, cathedrals, and thermal spas. Not to mention, the city’s reputation as a food capital dates back from the late 19th century.

Worry not if you had too much of the Hungarian wine as you can cure your hangover in one of the city’s hot springs. Some people go to the hot springs to manage their ailments and the majority are there for relaxation.

Hostels provide great value for your money, but you can reap inexpensive prices if you get a place outside of the center. One of the best budget hostels is the Treestyle Hostel with an accommodation as low as US$5.33 or S$7.55 per night.


Currency: Romanian Leu

Bucharest may not be the “most attractive” town in Romania, but it is certainly dynamic and energetic. Trendy cafes and lush parks are abundant here. Moreover, the city fuses the unbridled capitalism with the unreconstructed communism. Its noticeable turn to communism is evident in the massive Palace of Parliament. I suggest you Google it now to see how many rooms the Palace has.

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Escape from the hustle and bustle of Singapore by visiting Bucharest’s Cişmigiu Garden. It is the oldest public garden, which spreads over 17 hectares. Many travelers consider visiting here as a pit-stop before heading to Transylvania. It does not matter if you extend a day or two as you will be rewarded with affordable prices all year round. The specific Daily Backpacker Index is US$25.70 or S$36.46. Not bad, right?


Currency: Polish Zlotych

Renowned for its well-preserved medieval core, Kraków is a must-see city near the border of Poland and Czech Republic. You will be amazed at the architecture of the “Wawel Royal Castle” as well as the rich history of the “Old Town”. The Old Town contains magnificent museums, soaring churches, and Europe’s largest market square. Furthermore, you will greeted by an array of options in restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Europeans who desire to have a quick getaway over the weekends typically consider heading to Kraków. Aside from its historic charm, it offers low prices on hostels and eateries. Its overall Daily Backpacker Index is merely US$24.82 or S$35.21.


Currency: Bulgaria Leva

The capital of the Balkan nation of Bulgaria is Sofia. It is home to Bulgaria’s premier museums, art galleries, restaurants, and clubs. Its ambiance is far from a grand metropolis as it is pleasantly laid-back. This youthful and unique city has Ottoman mosques and onion-domed churches. The only drawback is this place is typically missed by anyone who is not doing an extensive tour of the region.

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Sofia offers the most fantastic bargains among the European capitals. With a Daily Backpacker Index of US$24 per day (about S$34), you can purchase decent pizza slices or hotdog sandwiches for as low as US$0.60/S$0.85. Who knew that you can survive in a European place with a food budget of less than US$5/S$7 per day? I certainly did not!

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