4 Unexpectedly Inexpensive Places to Travel (Asia Edition)

4 Unexpectedly Inexpensive Places to Travel (Image credit: HollyEma☮, via Flickr)

It is fair to say that travelling is one of the most soul-satisfying experiences that one can encounter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if you’re in your twenties or forties, travelling can burn quite a hole in the bank account.

Where money spent transcribes to priceless experiences, it may be worth the wads of cash – but most of us don’t have that luxury.

Despite the tight budget some of us have to work with, there are 193 countries available to choose from – of which, even on a tight budget, definitely ample to travel a lifetime! But since time is of the essence, some might prefer not to travel too far – thus Asia would suffice.

Majority of these countries offer a variety of well-priced accommodations that aren’t too shabby, leaving you with enough spare cash to explore your surroundings. From the adventurous spirit to those who prefer to unwind, there’s unquestionably a place for you.

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So where would you satiate your wanderlust?

Here’s a list of five unexpectedly inexpensive places to travel in Asia.

1. Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe, Thailand

(Image credit: shin–k, via Flickr)

If you enjoy the sun, sand and sea – this is your ultimate paradise. Gaining popularity in recent years, it is the perfect getaway for couples, friends and even families. Known as the Maldives of Thailand, it is a small island in the Southern part of the Thai Andaman Sea. Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and an abundant of marine life, it is part of a nature reserve and is also known as Thailand’s second National Park.

Activities such as snorkelling, diving and hiking are all reasonably priced, but if you want to spend less (or none at all), sunbathing at any of the three beaches will definitely keep the wallet fat and happy.

Generally priced a little higher than the mainland, it’s still thoroughly affordable.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali Tanah Lot

Bali Tanah Lot (Image credit: Fabio Gismondi, via Flickr)

For travellers of all walks of life, Bali has something install for everyone – from the tranquil quiet getaway to party animals ready to get hammered, this is a must go destination if you’re ever in South East Asia.

Savour their local food and ride a bike like the locals do there. Not only do you save quite a bit, it’ll be a more enjoyable than renting a car. If you’re staying in Seminyak or Kuta, majority of the things are within walking distance – beaches, eateries, shops and massage parlours. Various packages and tours are also available for those who prefer to explore temples, rice terraces and the famous monkey caves or even white water rafting and ATV rides through the lush forestry.

Without the tours, $50 a day is more than enough to spend.

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3. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Safari

(Image credit: maria ioveva, via Flickr)

Filled with interesting historical sites and national parks, Sri Lanka, is one destination that aren’t on majority of travellers “top lists”. One of the cheapest places to travel to on this list, there are plethora of things to do in Sri Lanka such as visiting wild safaris, whale watching, rock climbing and even hot air ballooning.

Try a popular local beverage that you can buy off the streets,Thambili. Made from fresh coconut water and is very refreshing, and it’s also a cheaper option compared to bottled water.

Their staples are often made with rice and curry and can be very spicy. Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine eats for under a dollar, but there are also more touristy places where you might pay upwards of ten U.S. dollars.

Lastly it’s best to go around in a tri-shaw, or three-wheeler, which is comparable to a tuk tuk in most nearby countries. While they’re fun to ride in, there are some safety concerns.

Overall, $15 a day would suffice.

4. Yemen

Haraz Mountains, Yemen

Haraz Mountains, Yemen (Image credit: Rod Waddington, via Flickr)

Known as Arabia’s undiscovered gem, Yemen is where you can find the world’s oldest skyscrapers, spectacular mountaintop villages, pristine coral reefs, and stunningly gorgeous trees unseen anywhere else on earth. Dubbed as one of the dangerous holiday destinations, that’s the appeal to most who travel there.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, Yemen has a long list of eco-activities, camel and horse riding as well as paragliding tours which will definitely make it a unique holiday. Visit their local fish markets and try the popular Arabic coffee.

Ladies, note that you don’t have to dress definitely the Yemeni way but dress modestly in the public places – bare shoulders and miniskirts are not appreciated. The same goes for kissing in public.

* Singapore Airlines is having a two-to-fly fares sale until 31 Mar 15. Fares starts from SGD 358 for Bali and SGD558 to Colombo when you book with your MasterCard®. More info here: Singapore Airline's Sale. If you want to get to Koh Lipe, the easiest way would be to travel to Langkawi, grab a 10 minute taxi ride to Telaga Habour and then take the 60 minute ferry across to Koh Lipe. For Yemen, travelers are advised to defer travelling plans due to civil unrest until further notice.
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