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4 Highest Paying Jobs That You Can Get With A Business Degree

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One of the most sought after degree is Business Administration or any related Business course. If you desire to succeed in business, you shall not only focus on your grades but also on your networking both before and after you graduate.

Resources and connections play a huge part especially in the business world. Being able to keep in touch with your fellow graduates will help a lot.

Looking into the Highest Paying Jobs for Business Majors, I found a research by and is an online global employment solution for people seeking jobs and for the employers who need the right people while provides salary data from its online database.


Average Salary: US$70, 800

Media Supervisors are usually found in the advertising or publishing field. They oversee media researchers, consumers, and planners to make sure that the right tone of ads appears on the social media, newspapers, radio, and TV shows. Their goal is to maximize the company’s media budget in the most productive way.


Average Salary: US$71, 200

Regional Sales Managers are found in computer systems design, management, technical consulting services, agriculture, construction, health, pharmaceutical, and medicine manufacturing department. They develop goals and quotas, analyze staff sales, and manage training programs for the staff.


Average Salary: US$74, 500

Senior Financial Analysts are found industries such as banks, computer systems design, commercial equipment wholesalers, and security affairs. They are in charge of analyzing the data that affects the companies’ investment and other financial programs.


Average Salary: US$82, 500

Topping the list are the Business Development Managers. Business majors in this line of work take advantage of business opportunities either by optimizing current revenue streams or creating new ones. They identify key partnerships, research information on consumers and competitors, and understand the industry’s landscape.

Image Credits: SmithGreg via Flickr

Image Credits: SmithGreg via Flickr

Popular industries that cater to Business Development Managers are consulting services, electronics and appliances stores, research and development services, and computer systems design.


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