4 “Hidden” Costs Of Flying With Budget Airlines

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How can you pay for a trip if your budget is too tight? Certainly, saving for travel money is not an easy task, which is why a mixture of effort and creativity will make your dream getaway a reality.

While scouting for affordable prices, you can consider flying with the popular Budget Airlines namely: Tigerair, Jetstar, Cebu Pacific, and Air Asia.

However, the true reason why you are able to purchase low-cost plane tickets with Budget Airlines is that they provide the basic amenities on-board while charging you for the additional services you might require. These “hidden or sneaky” fees for anything extra can take a toll on your pocket. This is why, you shall keep an eye on the following costs:


Usually, the cheapest fares and special promotions are available during off-peak season or in the most inconvenient times. Examine if you are really willing to wait for the off-peak seasons or if you are willing to sacrifice sleep to save money.


For short trips, I suggest to pack light. Although majority of Budget Airlines provide you with a free carry-on baggage allowance (of at least 7kg) aside from your check-in baggage, exceeding this will cost you a lot! For example, Jetstar charges a minimum of S$20 while Tigerair charges a minimum of S$25 per kilo in excess.


Some credit cards offer deals with Budget Airlines but, they might require a minimum amount of purchase or a minimum amount of people. A credit card that is exclusive to the airlines itself will give you the advantage you need.

For example, Tigerair Platinum Credit Card lets its holders enjoy free luggage upgrades, free seating selections, early access to Tigerair deals, and priority boarding.


As you confirm your ticket, remember that you will have to pay for all your extras including food, beverages, blankets, pillows, and entertainment systems. Save money by packing your own food but, check if the carrier allows outside food first. Then, finish your drinks before going through security because there are on-board liquid restrictions.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

To ensure that your bargain airfare does not break your budget, review the fine print with hawk eyes and consider the unexpected costs! 🙂

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