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Helpful Tips For Hiring Employees As A Startup

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One of the most stressful tasks that business owners ought to face is the hiring process. In particular, each new hire for a startup causes a significant impact on the work culture. Why is this so? Cultivating a business from scratch entails that the stakes are high. The owner is diving into the market with an innovative business model. Thus, he or she needs to ensure that the recruits are creative, passionate, and committed.

Considering all these factors as well as the limited resources makes the hiring process more complicated. On that note, here are 5 helpful tips to ease the stress of recruitment.


Whether you are aware of it or not, many startup owners undermine the worth of a position. These owners offer salaries based on the company’s size instead of the market’s competitive rate. As a result, the recruitment efforts seem to be unsuccessful. Who can blame the candidates?

If the going rate for administrative officers or receptionists is S$12 per hour, why would you settle for S$7 per hour? You would receive better response by offering a salary that matches the market or at least a dollar off it.


Let’s face it! Millennials crave dynamism in all areas of life – including the workplace. Said generation has shifted away the traditional view of holding a position for 20 years and beyond. Millennials are looking for jobs that will fulfill their present purpose. So, consider luring them in by offering opportunities for advancement.

What can the position offer aside from monetary gains? Is this position a stepping stone for more responsibilities within the company? Highlight the skills and knowledge that they cannot learn elsewhere. Self-enhancement through experience is a priceless and valueable incentive.


Another way to attract the Millennial employees is to know where they lurk. Millennials frequent social media pages and popular recruitment sites. Advertise on these platforms to widen your search. For instance, you may set up a public Facebook page for your startup. Regularly post the vacancies on your feed (i.e., at different time-slots). You may also post a job advertisement on JobsCentral or Gumtree. You need the nationwide traffic that these online classifieds receive.

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Aside from refining your job search, you may assess a potential employee by scanning his or her online profile. A standard background check may provide a supplement to your initial interview. The candidate’s social media profiles can give you a better picture of his or her personality and working experience. The latter can be achieved by examining one’s professional blog or online portfolio.


Given that you are nurturing the crucial years of your company, it may not be a wise idea to exhaust all your efforts and funding to the employees’ wages. It is acceptable if you are not able to shell out the monetary incentives right away. Consider adding the surrounding lifestyle as an incentive. Attract a potential quality employee by selling the non-monetary benefits of working in the startup.

If you are fortunate enough to be located in a place where there are various dining options, sell that too. If your business includes a health facility (e.g., a meditation spot) or is near the town park, sell that too. If there is a possibility to work from home, sell that too. Other enticing workplace features can play a part when the candidate decides to take your offer.


More and more employees in Singapore are opening up to the idea of deviating from the 9-to-5 jobs. Top talents desire to have the choice of accomplish their tasks at the coffee shops or at home (while in their pajamas). I, for one, am one of these people. I am certainly guilty of wearing my slippers and comfortable clothes as I wrote this. With its convenience, flexibility is a strong selling point.

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As long as your humble team can meet the goals and collaborate well, you may consider putting the flexible schedules on the table. Think about the amount of electricity and water consumption you can save by minimizing the “office” costs. If it is doable, allow remote once in a while.

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