Useful Tips To Pass Your IELTS Test

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Singaporeans who are applying for a job overseas or are keen on taking on an opportunity to study in United Kingdom or Australia will have to pass the IELTS exam. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is one of the top examinations used to measure one’s English language proficiency. To be considered competent in the English language, the applicant must earn a score of 6 or above in each component.

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is an international standardized examination that measures one’s English language proficiency, especially for non-native English speakers. Its results are accepted by numerous organizations and institutions worldwide. Institutions include universities, immigration departments, government agencies, and so on. Kick-start your career by taking this test.

While you are in the Circuit Breaker period, you may use the luxury of time to study for your IELTS exam. Here are some practical tips that you may start with.


The reading assessment component typically lasts for 60 minutes. The more you read, the faster you become. To reach this point, you must practice diligently. Moreover, you must not forget the comprehension aspect of reading. Reading fast does not mean that you will be able to digest everything you read. Start with a small chunk of material at a given amount of time. Then, shorten that time-frame.

Allot time for both academic reading and leisure reading. You do not need to focus on IELTS review notes entirely. You may opt to read materials that are heavy by day and light by night. Do not overwork your brain.


Practice reading fast and efficiently by activating the subtitles of the Korean dramas or the movies that you watch. According to a 2010 research entitled “The Cognitive Effectiveness of Subtitle Processing”, subtitles can enhance a child’s reading and literacy skills. Read the subtitles on Netflix as you binge watch. You get to indulge in your favorite pastime too!


Skimming is the manner of quickly moving your eyes over the material. This will give you a general overview of the entire content. Scanning, on the other hand, lets you go over a specific material to locate data. This will enable you to scan for the answers in an essay. Both reading techniques will help you save time.


Many IELTS questions will assess your ability to match similar phrases or parallel phrases. These phrases have the same meaning, but are worded differently. A phrase such as “love to cook” and “cooking is my hobby” are parallel phrases.


Gain confidence by knowing what to expect. This way, you will be able to take the exam without getting caught by surprise. For instance, you will have to take the oral component too whereby you have to speak out loud. Learn the exam’s format by searching free resources online or by purchasing practice materials from the bookstore.


Take practice tests before your IELTS exam. You need to pace yourself. To mimic the nature of the exam, you must be strict when it comes to the instructions and the time. Allow yourself to finish the reading practice tests in an hour, as officially stated.

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During the examination, you may skip the difficult questions first and move on to the easy ones. Tackle the gaps before proceeding to the next component or the next part of the exam. Good luck!

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