Up to 50% Discounts on comprehensive travel insurance – limited time flash offer until 17 June 2019

The last trip to Vietnam in April, despite precautions not to greedily eat street food (and I didn’t), I still ended up having travellers’ diarrhoea, which gave me food poisoning symptoms – diarrhoea and vomiting – over a couple of days. You can imagine how much I enjoyed my trip.

Earlier in January when I was skiing in Japan, I fell down and twisted my knee on a steep slope. This resulted in multiple visits to the doctor, having to take X-ray scans and MRI. I was bedridden for a week, and had to rely on crutches to get me around weeks after. Coming back to Singapore, I had to undergo several sessions of physiotherapy sessions because of a torn ACL.

The moral of the story is, accidents can happen to anyone at any time, despite all the safety precautions you take. There is no way you can have complete control during your trip. Your luggage may get lost in transit, your plane may experience long delays, the weather might take a turn for the worse, you might get pickpocketed, the list goes on…

This is not to dissuade you from travelling. In fact, as a travel blogger, I’m all about getting you out there to experience the world and discover more about yourself through outstanding experiences, incredible hospitality from locals and meeting unique individuals.

It is through my experiences that I strongly advise travellers to never travel without some form of travel insurance coverage, no matter if you’re planning in advance or going on a last minute trip. You don’t want to get caught up in all your travels and forget to have travel insurance coverage.

As a frequent traveller, I never leave Singapore without getting myself insured. Not only for assurance purposes, nor because I am accident-prone, but because you never know when unpleasant incidents or accidents may happen.

The good news is, travel insurance need not always be expensive. You just need to have an eye for deals! Which is why you’re in the right place, because Allianz Global Assistance Singapore is running a travel insurance promotion that is in time for the June holidays. You can now get travel insurance coverage that offers up to 50% off!

Get 50% single trip plans with promo code “school50”.

If you’re an obsessed traveller whose life is complete only when you’re in a foreign place (the more exotic, the better), you may want to consider Allianz Global Assistance Singapore’s annual trip plans.

With annual plan, it will be hassle free and cost saving. You can get the same level of coverage for all your trips in a year as long as each trip is up to 90 days.

There are 2 types of annual plans – Silver and Gold. Depending on the extent of coverage you prefer, you can weigh your options between Silver and Gold accordingly.

So go on, get out there. Let the school holidays begin!

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