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Trading 2069: What the world will look like in 50 years

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In 50 years, the world of trading will be revolutionised thanks to AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency and thought-powered decision making.

That’s the verdict of a new ‘time traveller’s guide’ that looks at where current technological trends will lead us by 2069.

While some of the predicted changes show how existing technology that is with us today will evolve – with cryptocurrencies eventually overtaking fiat currencies and blockchain networks usurping exchanges, for example – others represent a dramatic contrast to the picture in 2019.

Perhaps the most pronounced change of all comes with thought-powered trading, which the guide says is set to allow human beings to power super-quick decisions thanks to a headpiece and microchip.

The guide states: “It might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but thought-powered trading, hardware-induced neural stimulation and brain-to-brain communication have already been subject to extensive research by academics and commercial entities.”

It cites the evidence of hundreds of academic papers from leading neuroscientists and pioneering work from the likes of the US military, Facebook, Microsoft and Neuralink – who are all already investing in this technology.

It adds: Recent research has demonstrated the feasibility of controlling software applications via brainwave, electronic stimulation of the auditory and visualsystems, and even brain-to-brain communication – with participants sitting in France and India reportedly able to communicate at a basic level using just their thoughts

“Of course, significant challenges remain and commercialisation of many of these technologies is likely still decades away. However, mass adoption of such innovations by 2069 is not beyond the realms of possibility.”

The guide has been put together by IG – which specialises in forex, shares, cryptocurrencies and commodities – and also find that:

  • AI assistants will take over human brokers, providing smart real time reports
  • It will be possible to launch 3D holographic trading floors from a mobile device. 
  • Trading algorithms will develop to be able to suggest strategies and highlight key opportunities.
  • Pocket-sized quantum computers will power predictive AI, meaning big data sets can be analysed to suggest ways for traders to capitalise on trends.

The guide also notes that the greater involvement of robots could make the markets of the future even more volatile, especially if positions are opened and closed quicker and more regularly.


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