Top Places for Affordable Plants in Singapore

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In the vibrant cityscape of Singapore, where high-rise buildings and skyscrapers dominate, a touch of greenery brings life and joy to every space.

Amidst the urban hustle, integrating landscapes into our personal sanctuaries offers a breath of fresh air and a splash of nature’s beauty at pocket-friendly prices.


Kokeball’s playful planters are sure to brighten up any dull corner. Inspired by the Japanese art of kokedama, each creation exudes charm and uniqueness.

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Whether you opt for the adorable Swiss cheese Kokeball (S$30) or dive into a hands-on kokedama workshop (S$75 for 2 hours), these green companions promise to uplift your spirits and your space.



Explore a world of botanical wonders at Chlorofeel, where household favorites and rare species await discovery. From the vibrant Syngonium Peach Pink (S$15) to essential organic fertilizers (S$12), this store caters to every green enthusiast’s needs. They also offer a selection of cool keychains, various plant enamel pins, and vinyl stickers starting from S$6.90.

Keep an eye out for their flash sales, offering exotic tropical plants and succulents at irresistible prices.



Founded by two brothers fueled by a passion for gardening, The Nursery Singapore offers a curated collection of stylish plants to transform your home, including the Euphorbia Tirucalli ‘Pencil Cactus’ in a Pastel Terrazzo Pot (S$38) and the Serissa Foetida ‘Snowrose’ in a Bille Ceramic Pot (S$35).

From lush potted plants to Instagram-worthy planters, each piece radiates elegance and vitality. Whether you’re drawn to olive trees or jewel orchids, this store is a haven for plant lovers.

Location: 326 King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208567


As Singapore’s renowned nursery, Far East Flora invites you to explore their extensive online selection of indoor plants. Take your time to research specific plant care needs and peruse their diverse range of attractive pots. Catering to both style and practicality, this nursery also offers a variety of herbs for your indoor garden.

No matter if you’re interested in a sunflower plant for S$10 or Adiantum Fragrans in Pot for S$19.90, there’s something for every green enthusiast. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit their flagship store at Thomson, where endless rows of plants await your exploration.

Location: Multiple locations including Thomson and Queensway


Step into Tumbleweed Plants, an indie store bursting with green treasures. From classic favorites like monstera deliciosa to exotic finds like the money tree, each plant is accompanied by artisanal pots that double as works of art. These artisanal pots are equally enchanting, such as the Peperomia Piccolo Banda (S$15) with its colorful, catlike pot, and the Lucky Bamboo Plant (S$10) in its charming brown moon pot. Explore their range of tools, bug busters, and plant nutrition products, ensuring your green companions thrive. With pet-friendly options available, everyone can revel in the beauty of nature.


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In the heart of Singapore’s bustling metropolis, these affordable plant stores offer more than just greenery—they provide havens of tranquility and beauty. Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of gardening, these establishments welcome you with open arms, ready to help you cultivate your own slice of nature’s paradise!

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